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Use soap, not body wash. Body washes moisturize your skin and help keep the tan. Soap will make it fade fast. Also, try not moisturizing with lotions until the tan fades.

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Q: How do you take off a tan from you whole body?
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What to wear to tan your whole body when tanning?

Wear baggy clothing so the tan doesn't rub off when applying ot after.

How do you get rid of a full body spray tan?

You take a a whole bunch of lemons into a bathtub. Your going to need to need lots of them. Warning: for idiots only

Will sperm wash off spray on tan?

yea my whole fkn legs gone

Is it possible to spray paint your buttocks?

ans2. This is usual if you are aiming for an whole body fake tan.

How do you get spray tan off?

You can use lemon juice and gently exfoliate the skin. Then wash the lemon juice off with body soap.

Why do boys take their shirts off?

To get a tan, to be cooler, to impress a girl, to impress a guy.

Take off fake tan?

you dont make it you buy it yu funny lemon

Can tanning make you get your period?

No, it cannot. Your body must be off-schedule if your period starts whenver you tan.

Does showering after tanning remove your tan?

Depends on the tan- sun tan (no)-spray tan (it will fade every time you shower)- tanning lotion(depending on what the bottle said, water might take it off or it might stay on for a few days)

Do you tan with your clothes on or off?


If a person gets a tan and they started with white skin it will fade after a few days or one month maybe -So would their whole body be the same color when the tan fades?

Eventually, yes.

Does body fat tan faster in sun?

ya know that's a good question i know body fat will tan darker then the rest of your body.Your fat doesn't tan, only your skin does.

Can asthma prevent you from getting a tan?

No ive had it for 14 years and i tan better than my whole family

If you die and are wearing fake tan how do they get it off?

A Sensitive skin care specialist recommended by 25000 dermatologists, La roche posay India offers a wide range of beauty products for Face Body & Sun Protection.

Does a tan on your body last forever?


Do you put fake tan on your hands?

Yes you can put fake tan on your hands. You can fake tan almost everywhere with body fake tan. But use facial fake tan for the face and neck.

Is it possible to get a perminant tan darker?

no because all you are doing when you tan is darken the top layer of your epidermis so if you shave it wears off and in time it will wear off so no there is no permanent tan...

Can you shave after you tan?

yes, but i would suggest not because you can shave off your tan. so once you shave you need to tan again.

How can you get a healthy full body tan?


What type of spiders have small black head and tan body?

shoot.i dont know. Brown Recluse spiders have a tan body with black on there head

Is Malibu hemp moisturizing body lotion okay to use in a tanning bed?

It will not help you tan, but it will moisturize your body from what I hear will help you lock in your tan.

Is it safe or ok to Tan after being in the hot tub?

probably not because unless ur skin is naturally tan, all that should happen after a hot bath is ur muscles being relaxed and if the water is very hot, burning fat off ur body. u can get tan obivously in the sun

Is instant fake tan meant to show straight away?

It usually takes a day! I have gotten spray tan from loreal & it always looks gross, so f you happen not to like it Peroxide will take it right off! (:

How do you even your skin tone on your body?

Tan nude

What can you put on your body to get a better tan?

Baby oil