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How do you take off a u-joint on a 1989 Chevrolet G20 van and is it pressed on?


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2015-07-16 18:30:41
2015-07-16 18:30:41

Hey, I just changed mine. You can get a kit do do it. Or you get a nice size c- clamp, a deep well socket that is bigger than the u joint cap on one side and a deep well socket that is a little smaller than the cap on the other side. Use the c-clamp to press the one side into the other (larger) socket. Once pressed all the way through, you should be able to slip it out.


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Some where around 260 give or take 5 or so due to wear.

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depends for what kind of vehical. IF it's a car, the axle is likely easy to do. IF it is a 4x4 truck with manual locking hubs, it's a lame job. if its a car, jack it up on the side the axel needs to come out , take the tire off, and everything else in the way including your brake. and slide the axle joint out , just take the whole thing out, its garbage now. Take the new one you bought. slide it in with grease and start putting it all back together. IF its a truck with manual locking hubs, you will want to jack it up with the tire off faswell, take the brakes off, and make sure you do not lose any of the bearings.. clipps.. spacers.. rings.. any of it, and remember the order you took them off in, as it is important to do so. once that stuff is all removed you have acces to your broken axel assuming it's broken at the UJOInt which is more common, slide it out, take the axel to a mechanic and have the ujoint compressed to come out. buy a new ujoint of the same model, have it pressed back in place of the axel, take the axel back home and slide it back into the front differential, and start putting everything back together!

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Well it depends on how you drive and which model. If you're on the highway somewhere around 416 miles, less in the city.

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The bearings must be pressed out of the hub and the new ones pressed in. Take it to a garage

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