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How do you take off the driver side door panel on a ford explorer?

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unscrew all the obvious, and pull it straight out, it has plastic hardware that may need to be replaced after you pop it off, so do it gently... also everyone should have a shop manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual(wiring diagrams and more detailed info) available in the reference section for FREE....make copies of the right sections, and fix it like a PRO!! good luck Dave :)

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How do you remove the driver door panel on your 1996 Ford Explorer?

Remove the screws from the handle and then the door panel will slide up. It has clips that will only let it slide up

How do you replace the front driver side door handle to a 96 ford explorer?

Should have access after removing inner door panel Should have access after removing inner door panel

Where is the windshield washer pump fuse on a 2003 ford explorer?

Inside driver door there is a panel third one down closes to driver 7.5 amp

Ford Explorer driver door lock?

you can lock the driver side door on my 2001 ford explorer sport but it wont unlock with key nor key pad you have to go through passanger door

How do you remove door panel 2010 ford explorer?

How do I install passenger side mirror 2010 Ford Explorer

How much does a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT weigh?

open the driver side door and read tag on panel. should be about 4k lbs

Where is the fuse box in Ford explorer?

That would depend on what year of Ford Explorer . From the 1995 to 2001 Ford Explorer the fuse panel was IN the drivers end of the dash . The fuse panel cover was visible with the drivers door open .

How do you remove the drivers side door panel on a 2002 ford explorer?

how about an answer to the querstion?

Where is fuse box Ford Explorer 1997?

search on the dashboard panel the right side beside the driver door,you can find a door hide like.Just open with a screwdriver help and ¡Bingo! you find that.

Ford explorer fuse box?

The location of the fuse panel would depend on what the model year is of the Ford Explorer : ( from 1995 to 2001 , if you open the drivers door you will see a plastic fuse panel cover in the drivers end of the dash ) ( from 2002 and newer , on the Ford Explorer FOUR DOOR , the fuse panel is below the dash on the drivers side )

Where is the fuse panel for the brake and headlights for the 2002 Ford Explorer Sport 2 door?

The fuse panel in the 2002 Ford Explorer Sport - 2 door is on the drivers end of the dash Open the drivers door and look at the drivers end of the dash , you will see a removable plastic cover panel for the fuses

What is the 2004 ford explorer fuse panel layout?

what is the number for the door lock fuse

Where is the jack located in 1994 Ford Explorer?

Behind a panel in the cargo compartment on the driver side.

Will a door on 1998 Ford Explorer 2door fit on a 1992 Ford Explorer?

No, the door on a 1998 Ford Explorer will not fit a 1992 Ford Explorer.

How do you get the front passenger window back on tract in a 2002 Ford Explorer?

remove the door panel

Where is the fusebox for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

Under the instrument panel on the drivers side for the 4 door

Where is the right kicker panel on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The right side kick panel would be inthe front passenger footwell It is the interior trim panel , just in front of the front door , by the passengers feet

Remove Ford F250 driver inside door panel?

To remove the inside door panel of the Ford F250, first open the door and remove the screws for the door handle. Then, pry the door skin off of the inside starting at the bottom of the door.

How do you remove the driver side door panel of a Ford Explorer Sport Trac?

Using the correct screwdriver, remove the screws and clips in the panel of the car and pull the panel away gently. Remove any of the wiring connectors between the panel and the frame and pull the panel off the rest of the way.

How do you remove the driver's side rear door panel on a 1994 Ford Explorer?

pull really hard

Were is the Fuse for 2003 explorer power seat?

on a 2003 Ford Explorer ( 4 door ) in the fuse panel below the dash on the drivers side , fuse # 1 is a 30 amp fuse for the driver power seat , memory seat module

Ford explorer door lock switch wont lock passenger side door?

Lock on driver frot side is not working

What number is the lighter on a 2000 Ford Explorer fuse panel?

Location # 17 - 25 amp fuse for cigar lighter on a 2000 Ford Explorer. Fuse panel - driver's end of dash (visible with driver's door open)

Where is the 1994 ford explorer fuse box?

Between the hood release and the driver door under the dash.

How do you remove driver door panel on a 2010 ford F 150?

remove interior door panle diver sidef-150