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First order of business is to remove the arm rest. There are three screws holding it in. One should be visable in the middle of the trim around the door handle and lock. The other two are underneath. (I use hex keys to remove them because I don't have the 6-point bit needed) Next remove the screws from the trim around the door handle and locks, but it's important to know that some of them are fake screws, so if the screwdriver just spins, don't get frustrated, it's probably just a fake. Be careful when removing the trim as the lock, handle, and door locks are connected internally and it takes a bit of wiggling and angling to get the piece off. After that, remove the water deflector (plastic bit at the top) and pop off the trim around the edges, but be careful because those screws are plastic and tend to break easily in older models.

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Q: How do you take off the passenger side inner door panel on a 1986 firebird?
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