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How do you take off the tail light assy on a 1998 Intrepid to gain access to the bulbs?


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You just have to pull back the trim in the trunk to access the fasteners for the taillight assembly.


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You have to remove the the tailgate trim to access the bulb.

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Not sure on this particuliar vehicle but on most newer vehicles the tail light bulbs can be accessed by opening the rear door or trunk and removing a panel that allows access to the tail lights and the bulbs. If this is not possible you should have some type of screws on the tail light lenses itself that can be removed to access the bulbs. , EzForJesus

If it's the brake light in the boot lid then you have to take the cover off the inside of the boot lid and then you will have access to the light bulbs. If it's the brake light in the rear quarter panel then you open boot lid and unscrew the two bolts holding the light cluster and slide it backwards, then you will have access to the bulbs

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It is inside the fuel tank. 1993-1997 there is an access in the trunk. 1998-2004 you have to remove the tank to access.

battery on a 1999 dodge intrepidYou may have to remove the front driver side wheel to gain access to the battery compartment. At least that's where it is on the 1998 Dodge Startus. hope this helps.

A 1998 Dodge Intrepid has a 17 gallon gas tank capacity.

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To change the gauge lights on a 1998 Ford Taurus SE, the dash cover has to be removed to access the burned out bulbs. There are screws and clips holding the dash cover on.

The Intrepid only uses distributorless engines. There is no distributor to have a cap.

remove dashboard and replace 2 bulbs behind it

A '98 Fiesta uses H7 bulbs, which comprises both your dipped beam and your main beam.

Take the light assy off and remove the bulbs. There are a couple of screws that are accesable when the tail gate is down

The battery is located under the air cleaner, in front of the rf tire. You will have to remove the air cleaner and inner fender liner to access.

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There are two bolts that hold each headlight in. They will be on top of the metal radiator support just to the rear of the top of the headlight. Remove these bolts, will either be a T27 torx socket or 7mm, and you will be able to pull the headlights out and replace the bulbs. The bulbs come out with a 1/4 turn and pull. Check out for tons of info on these cars.

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below; Light Bulbs

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There are 4 in the exhaust system.

This should be the same a a 1998 open your trunk and pull back the carpet that's in the very rear of the trunk (like behind the lights) the lights should be held on by big plastic wing nuts unscrew them and that gives you access to all your rear light bulbs

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine the problem

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