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Multiply the number by the percent in decimal form, and subtract the result from the original number. Alternatively, multiply the number by (1 - the percent).

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Percent decrease is when your overall percentage goes down. Example: I take a 4 problem math test and get one wrong, 75%. I take a 2 problem math test and get one wrong, 50%.

If the question you are asking is a math problem, then you take the number 2312992 and divide it by the number 5. You answer would be 462598.4. This is a division problem.

To distribute a math problem you have to multiply each number and carry it on the next number. Confusing.. but here... a(b+c) to distribute this you take the a and multiply by both would be ab+ac:)

Two ways: Take the percent of the number and subtract it from the number or multiply the number by 100 minus the percent. Example: 25 percent off 24 dollars. 24 x 0.25 = 6 24 - 6 = 18 or 24 x 0.75 = 18

Forty take away 12 would equal out to be 28. This is a math problem.

One hundred eighty take away one hundred forty percent of change would equal to 112. This is a math problem.

You take all the numbers on your problem, then add them all up. Then divide by the number of factors you have.

the math classes you have to take to be veterinarian is the number of classes you have to take to be a veterinarian.

It's when you take the highest number out of a few and subtract it by the smallest number. 15,20,23,27,30 the range is 15 because 30-15 is 15

Sorry, but what problem are you exactly talking about. If you are talking about a random math problem than it really depends. Math word problems, if they are hard, then yes, definitely take steps. Good Luck :)

I'm not doing the math for you, but take .03*1,500,000

bar notation is when u take a number and add 2 too it Avery time you drink AZ glass of water.

Multiply the number by 0.1

Multiply the number by 0.15

When you take a percentage, you are dividing the part by the whole. So, to solve this problem: 39/600=.065 To change this into a percent you need to multiply this number by 100: .065 x 100 = 6.5%

-- A fraction is just a shorthand way of writing a division problem. When you see a fraction, it means (the top number) divided by (the bottom number). -- Take the fraction. Set up the division problem, and do the division. -- The answer to the division is the decimal form of the fraction. -- Take the decimal form. Move the decimal point in it two places to the right. Now you have the percent that's equal to the fraction.

The answer to 4 take away 7 equals -3. This is a math problem.

You take the largest number in the data and subtract it from the smallest number in the data and you will get the range.

To find 70% or a number take the number and multiply it by .7

take the number and multiply it by .8 like .8x100 (80 percent of 100) = 80

Math is not only usable particular in some situations, but helps the mind to become problem solving.

The equation 0.3X take away 1.5 equals -0.45. This is a math problem.

It means to take a smaller number out of a larger number and the sum is what you have after.

It will take $12.80 off so they will be $25.20. :P MATH

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