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How do you take out a tampon?

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If it hurts to take out, it is probably because it's too dry. So what I like to do is to just go to the bathroom (pull the string out of the way), with the tampon in. Then the tampon will get moist and it will be easier to slide out. It always works for me. :)

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You remove the tampon once it's full - it should be full within 4-6 hours, if not saturated in that time you need to use a lower absorbency and if you struggle to comfortably remove the tampon as it's dry in places try sitting in a shallow bath and helping the water get to the tampon.

If using tampons with strings you just gently but firmly pull on the string, don't worry the string is unlikely to snap but even if it does it's no big deal, to remove tampons without a string just insert clean hands vaginally and pull the tampon out. Make sure to relax as if you tense the vaginal walls to clench around the tampon, watch it doesn't get caught behind your hymen too.

Once removed wrap-up the used tampon in toilet paper or sanitary bags and throw in the bin.

2014-12-18 10:00:14
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When do you take the tampon out?

A tampon should be taken out and changed every 2-4 hours

Do you take the plastic part off at the end of the tampon?

The plastic part around the tampon is the applicator. You use it to put in the tampon, but you don't leave it in your vagina.

Can you pee with a tampon in or do you have to take it out to pee?

.the tampon fits into the vagina, and the urine comes out of the bladder into the urinary tract, so do not worry, you can urinate without having to remove the tampon.

What if you didnt take out the applicator when you put the tampon in?

You might be uncomfortable, and the tampon would not be able to expand and function normally.

How do you take out the tampon for the first time?

You remove the tampon the first time just like any other time.If the tampon has a string then you relax and pull gently but firmly on the string until the tampon comes out. If the tampon doesn't have a string then you insert clean forefinger and thumb to grab the tampon and pull out. Once removed either wrap-up and dispose of the tampon in the trash.

Should you take your tampon put before you shower?

You don't have to.

Do you take out the tampon applicator when you use a tampon?

You first put your thumb and middle finger on the applicator and insert the tampon. Make sure the tampon goes all the way in and only the string is hanging out. Then remove the applicator and throw it away.

What is a ploko?

it is a tampon it is a tampon

How long after you take a tampon out do you bleed again?

If you have your period, the shedding of the lining is more or less continuous. If you take out a tampon, bleeding will continue, but you might not notice it on a pad until it makes its way down the vagina.

Can you kill someone with a tampon?

In theory there may be a few ways to kill someone with a tampon.Shove a tampon down their throat and choke them with it.Soak wrapped tampon in poison, it will absorb some but look untouched.Take one with HIV infected blood and dip it in someone's tea (this has been done).

What happens if you use a tampon 3 days after a colposcopy?

If you use a tampon three days after a colposcopy with biopsies, you could disturb the clot on the biopsy sites and they could start bleeding. Take out the tampon and just use pads for a couple of weeks.

Is it hard to take out a tampon?

No, as long as you are using tampons correctly (e.g. not using too high an absorbency or using before menstruation) and you are relaxed the tampon should come out easily.

How do you take a tampon out without it hurting?

Well if it is hurting when you take it out its either you have too high of an absorbency or your taking it out to early and it hasn't abosorbed any thing. But the best way to take out the tampon is to take it out the same angle you put it in. When you pull the string try to pull it at an angle rather than straight down.

How do girls pee with a tampon in?

If they have a tampon the have to take it out,pee.and put in a new one

Should you take your tampon out when using the restroom?

No, there's no need to remove your tampon when using the restroom.Tampons will not absorb urine when you urinate, given as tampons are within your vagina and urine comes from your urethra. All you need do is move the string of the tampon out of the way of the flow of urine as otherwise it'd get wet, which isn't very comfortable or hygienic. It is a good idea to time changing your tampon with bathroom breaks as much as possible, just to avoid spending so long in bathrooms.

Can a tampon carry an STD?

A used tampon can carry a STD.

What do you do when you cannot get the tampon out?

You relax and try masturbating as when aroused the vagina becomes relaxed, lubricated, opens, and increases in size to make it easier for you to remove the tampon. If the tampon is still dry then take a shallow bath and help the water get to the tampon to help soften it up so it's easier to remove. If you still can't get it out then you have to go to the doctor or hospital to have it removed.

Can you lose your virginaity to a tampon?

No, you cannot lose your virginity to a tampon. Virginity refers to whether or not you have had sex with another person - a tampon isn't another person, and inserting a tampon is not having sex.

How do tampons work?

when using a tampon... u simply have 2 stick ur foot up on a toilet. then put ur fingers on the tampon. find the opening of ur vagina and open it. put the tampon under u and push the tampon into ur body. next, take ur pointer finger that was holding onto the tampon and push the tampon into ur body. pull the non - tampon part out of ur body and throw it away. the tampon will suck up the blood. after 4 - 6 hours... pull it out and throw it in the toilet. replace with a new one. when you go to change it if there are still white patches on it, try a lighter flow one next time or if you need to change it more regularly or it leaks then try a higher absorbancy tampon to find the right one for you. :)

Can you see a picture of tampon?

Yes, you can see a picture of a tampon by googling for an image of tampons. You can also see a picture of a tampon on the side of a tampon box. If you were to buy tampons you would be able to see a tampon first-hand too!

What happens if you insert a tampon with a tampon already inside?

If you already have a tampon inserted and you were to insert another then it may be difficult for you to insert the second tampon. Inserting the second tampon may push the first tampon into your cervix which may result in menstrual cramp type pains. Also of course with two tampons you will be at much greater risk of vaginal infections and toxic shock syndrome.

What is the result if a teenager uses a tampon early?

There are no health concerns with early tampon use. If a tampon is comfortable, a teenaged girl can use it.

Can a tampon get stuck on its own accord or does it have to be pushed somehow?

A tampon cannot really get stuck at all. A tampon can go no further than your vaginal canal, it can't be pushed any higher than that. As long as you are using a tampon and relaxed upon removal the tampon will come out.

How do you put a tampon in?

You first insert the tampon into the vagina, then push the applicator inside slowly and make sure the string is hanging outside otherwise it will be hard to take the tampon out and you could get toxic shock syndrome.First you hold the tampon with your thumb and middle finger both sides of the applicator then with your index finger push the applicator slowly up ito the vagina but push it slightly backwards towards the top of your bottom, then you just about know from where the applicator is ( in the vagina with a tiny little bit sticking out) Then push the applicator with your index finger to push the tampon up then take the applicator out carefully and then you should just have the string hanging out. When you take out the tampon do it carefully and slowly so you don't damage or hurt yourself.Follow the instructions on the packet.ORsee related question below.

Is it normal to remove a tampon and have lots of fluid come out?

Yes, it is normal to see lots of menstrual flow coming out when you remove a tampon. A tampon is literally a plug of absorbent material, although it absorbs a lot of the flow some will collect behind the tampon and as such will leak out when you remove the tampon.