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How do you take out and install a new radiator in a 91' V6 Chevy Camaro Rs?


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September 01, 2007 1:16AM

1. Open drain plug at the bottom of the rad and drain the rad. 2. Remove the fan and its wire connectors. 3. Disconnect the upper and lower rad hoses. 4. If automatic transmission, disconnect transmission cooler lines with correct size FLARE wrench (very important to use a flare wrench, using a regular open wrench will twist the lines). 5. Remove the fan shield if there is one. 6. Remove the rad and shroud by lifting straight up. 7. Install new rad and transfer any fittings from the old one. 8. Connect lines and hoses and fan. 9. Refill rad run and test. If you lost some automatic transmission fluid from the lines, check your ATF level just in case.