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How do you take out and install an ignition switch in a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria?


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2015-07-14 15:05:54
2015-07-14 15:05:54

I am assuming your talking about the key w/tumbler and not the switch that is mounted on the column under the dash (wires attached). With this is mind you remove the cover around the bottom of column should be a few Philips head screws in the bottom (note there are deep holes you wont see them per say. Once you have done this and exposed the bottom place your key in the column and turn to run position there will be a pin hole under the key area depress this with a small punch or something similar and remove. If you have lost your key and this is why you are doing this job it just got a bit more tougher. you will need to carefully drill that pin out to remove the lock cylinder. Fords require the key to easily do this job. be very care not to destroy the soft aluminum around where pin is or you wont be able to hold the lock in place. .


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