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1) Unscrew the centre console. The 2 screws for this are in that little storage box thing behind the handbrake but you will need to remove thal little piece of carpet at the bottom of the box to get to them.

2) Remove the plastic panel around the gear shifter. In an auto you do this by taking out the ash tray (easy). Then you can just pull the plastic panel off but it requires a bit of force.. This will reveal three screws which you can now take off.

3) Open the glove box on the passenger side and the panel under the steering wheel in the drivers side (the one with all the fuses in it). This will reveal three screws on each side of the console which you can now undo.

4) Remove the plastic bit surrounding the stereo. This is not screwed in but it needs a bit of force to remove.

5) Take out heater controls. There is one black screw holding this in so undo that. The dial thing which controls the temperature has a long metal rod which you have to undo. At the end of it. The end of it is right under the dash in drivers side and you can unclip it but its fidely and hard to reach. with the heater noe out you will see a few more screws so undo them all.

6) You can now take off the rest of the console which is in the way of the stereo. Unscrew the bracket holding the stereo in and take it out

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Q: How do you take out standard stereo out of vp commodore?
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1 6 5 4 3 2

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