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I recently put a CD player in my Volvo 940 myself and I'm a 50-yr-old woman so if I can do it so can you. The problem is, I'm trying to remember how I did it. I got the CD player from Crutchfield and they send along a kit and directions of how to install it, in any type of car you specify.

It seems like I had to take out the ashtray underneath the radio first and maybe I got to the screws from there. It's also possible that there were no screws but just clips and it pulled out once you disengage the clips.

I do also remember that in this model car there is some kind of speaker amp under the steering column that also had to be hooked up with the CD player.


New ....There is a clip you can reach by removing the buttons out and slide a small screwdriver into the left side (in left button shaft) and into the right side (in right button shaft). These clips have a slot where the screwdriver can be slide in and move sideway towards the shaft. There are no screws to remove and is no need to remove anything else.

There are release clips behind the knobs of the volume and tuning. Just pull of the knobs and the clips will be toward the outside of the radio. pull them in towards the center and then the radio will slide out. The easiest way to pull the hooks is with two straightened coat hangars with little hooks on the end.

after you take out the radio you need to get an amp bypass lead take off the cover under the steering wheel look on top of the steering column and a small box this is you amp pull the lead from the amp leave the amp were it is ,now the lead you have taken off the amp push this into plug found on the long part of the amp bypass lead now you now have still two plugs on the bypass lead push this into the side were the radio is and pull the two plug out were the radio should be now connect the plugs from your new radio to the two plugs on the amp bypass lead fix it all up and enjoy , i have the Volvo 940 SE turbo.

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Q: How do you take out the radio from the 940 Volvo to replace it with a CD car radio if there seem to be no screws?
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