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If it is similar to the 1990 aerostar than I can help. There is a drive axle that blocks the removal of the starter. It is held in by 4 bolts. If you remove these and carefully but forefully push it over there is barely enough room to remove the starter. However, I personally could not reach up behind the starter with a wrench to remove battery cable to the starter. In the end I cut the cable and when installing the new starter I put the new cable on first the fed the battery cable up through the engine compartment. Warning, do not cut the small wire if you choose this option. It should come off fine. There is only about an 8th of an inch of clearnace to pull the starter out even with the drive axle push to the side. However, it is possible. Also I fed the cable under some other wires and tubes in order to keep it from touching the exhust.

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Where is it on the motor

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Q: How do you take out the starter on a Ford Aerostar 1992 3.0 V6?
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Your starter has gone bad and will need to be replaced unless you can take the starter to an automotive electrician and he may be able to fix it.

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stator or starter?

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Take it somewhere and get somebody that knows shat they're doing to fix it.

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The back up light switch on the 1994 Ford Aerostar is located on the side of the transmission. To remove it the wires must first be unplugged. Next the all screws must be removed.

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