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How do you take outthe left front axel?


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2015-07-16 18:19:51
2015-07-16 18:19:51

first break the axle nut free, but do not take it off *(to loosen/remove axle nut may require you to unstake the nut using a screwdriver and hammer)*. Then loosen the lugnuts. Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the wheel and tire. Now remove the axle nut. Remove the brake caliper and support up by the top of the strut *(you will most likely need to remove some of the bolts holding the brake lines. DO NOT let the caliper dangle from the brake line)*. Remove the caliper guide. On the bottom of your strut you will see a yoke (upside down horseshoe looking thing), remove that. Now break the lower ball joint free. There will be a torsion rod running from under the radiator to here. Remove those two bolts. The spindle assembly should now pull forward and swing towards the back of the car. Now climb underneath the car. Place a prybar between the inner cv joint and the transmission and carefully pry the axle out. Careful...fluid will come out!


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take off the wheel. unbolt the 2 lower strunt bolts, to swing the brake assembly out, pull that end of the axel out, then give the axel a good pull out and it should pop out of the transmission.

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1st you'll need a 30mm socket for the axel nut. now with the car on the ground and E-Brake on loosen axel nut, loosen lug nuts, now jack up car and block well on frame both in front and behind wheel ( not on A frame behind wheel). Remove tire,look behind hub( where tire bolted on)on the botom you'll see a bolt & nut going flet to right. remove it, now take a long bar and insert it in the A frame on the back side and pry down to slip out the bottom ball joint, now tap softly on axel end while pulling out and back on hub to remove axel from hub, now with a pry bar look at the other end of axel where it goes into trasmission ently pry axel out. it is a good idea to change axel seal there at this time too, reveerse this to reinstall.

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take the cotter pin out of the front axel shaft then take that castle nut off and the hub should come off it might need some taping with a hammer to get it broke lose from corrossion

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it is on the left side the passengers side you pull it out then take the front and twist it so you can take off the wires and then take the front and tip it up so the front is up and you can pull it out through the bottom.

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If its the rear axel you have to take off the rear end cover. Turn the gear assembly until you see the bottom of a round pin. I goes all the way through so you may have to look at both ends but one end will have a bolt coming in from the side. Remove that bolt and slide the pin out. Once the pin it out you can push in the axel a little more and then remove the C clip that retains the axel. Depending on the position of the clip when you push in the axel the clip may fall off. You should be looking at the end of the axel when you push it in to see if it fell off or you have to remove it. The easiest way to remove it is to use a magnet. Once off the axel will slide right out. Reverse the direction to install.If its the front axel you will have to remove the wheel, take off the axel nut, take off the brake caliper, support the lower control arm with blocks of wood or a jack stand. You will need to put the weight of the vehicle pushing down on the control arm to keep the spring in place. remove the upper ball joint nut and separate the knuckle from the ball joint. Next go in to the other side of the axel and remove the bolts around the flange on the center section. The axel with some bending and turning should come out.If the axel in the front is a solid straight axel like the rear just use the same directions as the rear.

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