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first break the axle nut free, but do not take it off *(to loosen/remove axle nut may require you to unstake the nut using a screwdriver and hammer)*. Then loosen the lugnuts. Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the wheel and tire. Now remove the axle nut. Remove the brake caliper and support up by the top of the strut *(you will most likely need to remove some of the bolts holding the brake lines. DO NOT let the caliper dangle from the brake line)*. Remove the caliper guide. On the bottom of your strut you will see a yoke (upside down horseshoe looking thing), remove that. Now break the lower ball joint free. There will be a torsion rod running from under the radiator to here. Remove those two bolts. The spindle assembly should now pull forward and swing towards the back of the car. Now climb underneath the car. Place a prybar between the inner cv joint and the transmission and carefully pry the axle out. Careful...fluid will come out!

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Q: How do you take outthe left front axel?
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How do you remove to front axles on a 1997 Toyota tercel?

take off the wheel. unbolt the 2 lower strunt bolts, to swing the brake assembly out, pull that end of the axel out, then give the axel a good pull out and it should pop out of the transmission.

How do you pull the front left axle on a 1991 Geo Prizm?

1st you'll need a 30mm socket for the axel nut. now with the car on the ground and E-Brake on loosen axel nut, loosen lug nuts, now jack up car and block well on frame both in front and behind wheel ( not on A frame behind wheel). Remove tire,look behind hub( where tire bolted on)on the botom you'll see a bolt & nut going flet to right. remove it, now take a long bar and insert it in the A frame on the back side and pry down to slip out the bottom ball joint, now tap softly on axel end while pulling out and back on hub to remove axel from hub, now with a pry bar look at the other end of axel where it goes into trasmission ently pry axel out. it is a good idea to change axel seal there at this time too, reveerse this to reinstall.

How do you replace front hub on a 1987 suzuki quad runner ATV?

take the cotter pin out of the front axel shaft then take that castle nut off and the hub should come off it might need some taping with a hammer to get it broke lose from corrossion

How do you take off the left front fender of a 1967 Chevelle?

It just unbolts.

How do you take a starter off of a 1996 Chevy Blazer?

it is on the left side the passengers side you pull it out then take the front and twist it so you can take off the wires and then take the front and tip it up so the front is up and you can pull it out through the bottom.

Have a 89 Chevrolet 4x4 trying to get the axle out how do you go about it?

If its the rear axel you have to take off the rear end cover. Turn the gear assembly until you see the bottom of a round pin. I goes all the way through so you may have to look at both ends but one end will have a bolt coming in from the side. Remove that bolt and slide the pin out. Once the pin it out you can push in the axel a little more and then remove the C clip that retains the axel. Depending on the position of the clip when you push in the axel the clip may fall off. You should be looking at the end of the axel when you push it in to see if it fell off or you have to remove it. The easiest way to remove it is to use a magnet. Once off the axel will slide right out. Reverse the direction to install.If its the front axel you will have to remove the wheel, take off the axel nut, take off the brake caliper, support the lower control arm with blocks of wood or a jack stand. You will need to put the weight of the vehicle pushing down on the control arm to keep the spring in place. remove the upper ball joint nut and separate the knuckle from the ball joint. Next go in to the other side of the axel and remove the bolts around the flange on the center section. The axel with some bending and turning should come out.If the axel in the front is a solid straight axel like the rear just use the same directions as the rear.

How do you take off the left front fender of a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle?

It just unbolts.

How do you put front axle in on 99 sentra?

Start by removing the castle nut on the axel, then remove the tire, unbolt the strut from the control arm take some sort of pry bar, and apply equal force to top and bottom of the axel, it should pop right out. Installation is oppisite.

How do you change the left front turn signal bulb for a 2000 Honda civic?

take off the front bumper.. then it should be accessible or. take out the resevour that's hanging over it.

How do you change out the front two speakers in your 1983 280zx?

For the front right, you just have to take out the glove box which is just unscrewing a series of screws. This will allow you to see the speaker and unscrew from below. I'm lost on the front left. I've replaced the rear and front right in my 1981, and am stuck on the front left.

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Where is idle air control on 2000 olds alero?

Take the air box off in front of car it will be on the throtle body on front left side

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How do you change alternator on 1995 3.4 Chevy lumina?

you have to pull the axel out to get to the alternater thn there are 2 bolts in the front and one in the back at the top of the alternater once you get those it will fall out and you have to take the plugs off the back and put the new one back in and put it back together and your done you have to pull the axel out to get to the alternater thn there are 2 bolts in the front and one in the back at the top of the alternater once you get those it will fall out and you have to take the plugs off the back and put the new one back in and put it back together and your done you have to pull the axel out to get to the alternater thn there are 2 bolts in the front and one in the back at the top of the alternater once you get those it will fall out and you have to take the plugs off the back and put the new one back in and put it back together and your done

How do you get the front left rotor off a 1992 F150 4x4 with pushbutton 4x4?

take off the wheel, take off the caliper, pull

How do you reprogram a radio head unit on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

take the tire off the left front and open the front fender wall the battery is behind there

How do you change the alternator on a 2000 Mazda 626?

Remove the passenger front wheel. You will have to take off 3 bolts that hold the passenger axle to the sub frame, slide the axel out. Remove the two bolts that mount the alternator and get the belt loose. Now wrestle with that sucker until you can fit it between the axel and the exhaust, its a real pain.

What does a Honda Accord drive axel look like and how do you get to it?

take it to a shop trust me

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How do you replace front driver side axle?

depends for what kind of vehical. IF it's a car, the axle is likely easy to do. IF it is a 4x4 truck with manual locking hubs, it's a lame job. if its a car, jack it up on the side the axel needs to come out , take the tire off, and everything else in the way including your brake. and slide the axle joint out , just take the whole thing out, its garbage now. Take the new one you bought. slide it in with grease and start putting it all back together. IF its a truck with manual locking hubs, you will want to jack it up with the tire off faswell, take the brakes off, and make sure you do not lose any of the bearings.. clipps.. spacers.. rings.. any of it, and remember the order you took them off in, as it is important to do so. once that stuff is all removed you have acces to your broken axel assuming it's broken at the UJOInt which is more common, slide it out, take the axel to a mechanic and have the ujoint compressed to come out. buy a new ujoint of the same model, have it pressed back in place of the axel, take the axel back home and slide it back into the front differential, and start putting everything back together!

What size is the axle nut for a 1998 grand jeep Cherokee to take off the front rotor?

You don't need to take the center axel nut off to remove the rotors. Take the calipers off (two 13mm bolts on the back side) and the rotor will pull right off. If it's rusted to the hub you might have to bump it with a block of wood, but they usually just slide off. You only need to take that big center nut off if you're pulling the axel.

How does the front axle go into the differential on a 1991 Chevy 1500 4x4?

Need to know what side you are working on. The driver side just snaps in. It has a lock ring on the end of the axel shaft. If you took the passanger side axel out of the housing, Then a big flat shim has fallen out on you and down in the housing. You will have to take the axel housing tube loose from the center Differential. Theres 4-5 bolts beside the 4x4 Actuator That needs removed to take apart. That will let the housing that the axel goes in come off, I forgot theres 2 bolts that hold the housing to the frame, Remove those too. Then find washer and put heavy grease on it and put it back in place, It goes over the end of the axel shaft. Good luck

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How do you remove a front cv joint on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

you need to take off the rotor and caliper and braket of course, take the axel nut off. Take the three bolts out of the wheel bearing and pull the wheel bearing out. Then the cv joint should come right out. You may need to put a flat pry bar behind the cv joint and the front diff to pop it out.

How do you take off front left axle in 1993 ford escort wagon?

how do you take off drivers side axle- 93 escort wagon? Kevin