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How do you take spray paint off of an aluminum trailer?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-10 04:05:24

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You can scrape or sand the paint off, but that may scratch the aluminun finish. Your best bet is to use a commercial graffiti remover such as Goof-off or So-Safe. These products dissolve the paint so you can just wipe it off. Good luck.

2006-09-10 04:05:24
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How do you take spray paint off clothing?

To take spray paint off clothing you need STAIN STICK!!

Can you take spray paint on an airplane?

No they won't let you.

Can you spray paint a Styrofoam ball?

yes it is possible to spray paint a styrofoam ball. before spray painting a styrofoam ball, you must take a wet papertowel and smoothen out the styrofoam ball with it.

How do you paint a xbox 360 controller?

With a paint brush. EH!! WRONG u take apart your controller and spray paint it

How many cans of spray paint would be in a quart of paint?

Spray cans are filled by weight and not volume and it would depend on the size of the spray can, but it should take about four to five 12 oz net weight cans of spray paint to equal approx a quart of paint. How much makes it on the project and how much ends up as over spray depends on the painter.

How do you spray paint a bike?

you take the paint and put it on the end of the bike first and work your way up !

How do you get spray paint off your face?

You take a clean rag and spray WD40 on a corner of it then dab the corner of the rag with the WD40 on the paint on your should take it right off but dont get it near your eyes!

Can I use a paint spray gun to paint my kitchen table?

Spray paint guns are usually used to paint things like cars. I wouldn't recommend using one for inside jobs. You should use regular paint, and paint it on there, or take the table outside and use spray paint. You don't need an industrial paint gun.

Where can you find a Twinkie Christmas Ornament?

take a real twinkie and spray paint with a clear acrylic paint or sealer

How many cans of spray paint does it take to paint a car?

To make a reasonable job it will take 25-30 cans. -Cheaper to buy a small paint gun.

How can I get old paint off aluminum windows?

Jasco - it's a chemical used to remove paint. You could use a heat gun, but the aluminum will take a lot of heat before the paint starts to peel off.

Can you spray paint action figures?

Yes, but you'd have to take it out of it's retail packaging first, destroying it's collectable value. Once you've done so, spray it with a primer, then paint it with a durable acrylic paint.

Does spray paint make your eyes red?

Are you spray painting your eyes? If so, yes? I would HIGHLY recommend not getting high on spray paint. I'd tell you to go do something constructive, or even take a hike and try to find some drugs in your area. But spray paint is probably not the best idea for your brain.

How do you paint an RC car body?

first take a clear body and paint it white. then take the colors you want and spray. make sure you do this in the inside of the body.

When you spray paint a Nerf gun do you just take it apart and leave the internals in?

no u have to wipe the internals, sand it down nd then spray paint it. put at least 2-3 coats on it.

How do you spray paint your cell phone?

Well today was the first time I've ever spray painted my fone and it turned our well. All u need to do is take masking tape or newspaper and cover that on any places you don't want paint on the U take the cover for the battery then spray that

How long does it take for spray paint to dry?

2 - 4 hours depending on the temperature

How do you paint a bmx bike?

Well first you have to dismantle all the bike parts from the bike. Separate wheels from body and take out all the brakes and stickers. Then remove all the old paint and scratches from the bike. To remove the old paint, take a sheet of sand paper and rub it against the parts that you want to paint. Rub until you see a silver metal under the paint. After you have done that, you are ready to paint your bike. (For BEST results i prefer using spray paint for metal, because it sticks better to it.) Take a spray paint and spray the first coat. Than wait 5-10 minutes for paint to dry than spray the second layer. For more darker color, make it 3 layers. So here you go! Enjoy!

How do you unclog a common household spray can?

Normally, you cant. The best thing to do is take a new can of spray paint and replace the spray tip. The tip is commonly clogged because most people dont invert the can and clear the tip of old paint from the last use. The old paint dries up in the tip and the can doesnt have enough pressure to remove the dried paint. When you are done using a spray paint can, turn it upside down and spray until nothing but air comes out. 1-2 seconds should do it. This will ensure it will work the next time you use the can.

Will spray paint stick to duct tape?

Yes it will, I suggest getting the Krylon brand of spray paint but any brand is fine as long as it say non-porous on the label on the back. The only downside to spray painting duct tape is that it will take a little longer to dry.

Is it ok to spray paint 45 Fahrenheit outside?

You can but flow will not be optimum and it will take more dry time

Can you spray any Spray paint on a bedroom wall?

If you are asking will spray paint stick to a bedroom wall the the answer is yes. But, if you are asking about painting an entire wall with spray paint I must advise you not to do that, and here's why. The fumes and over spray from the acrylic enamel (or any other spray paint in a can) will be absolutely overwhelming and quite dangerous to breathe. Not to mention the real possibility of accidentally igniting those fumes. Then all of your painting days would be over, forever. Besides, it would take an astronomical number of cans to cover a wall, even the smallest wall....40 perhaps 50 cans. It's just not worth it. For $25.00 you can buy a gallon of latex paint and paint your entire room, and even live to tell about it.

Is it possible to paint whole shelf with paint pens?

Although you can paint the shelf with paint pens, it would take longer to do than if you used a brush or spray. It would more than likely also cost you more.

How do you get spray paint off legos?

You could never take it off. It will be on the figure for ever. You would want to buy another one. Spray paint never gets off. Sorry, but as I said you could allways buy a new one

Do you have to take your petrol tank out of your car to get a full re spray?

There is no need to. I would not take into the paint shop with a tank full off fuel