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How do you take the dash off a 94 Blazer to get to the heater core?


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2015-07-16 18:14:31
2015-07-16 18:14:31

I would first recommend getting the Chilton manual. I did the heater core on my wife's 96 Blazer. It is a very involved process and should only be attempted if you are a fairly knowledgeable mechanic. You have to remove the instrument cluster and drop the steering column to start. The Chilton manual covers this fairly well. Dennis


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i have a 93 s10 blazer and had to replace the heater core recently, it is a pain, and it helps to have another person there to give you a hand, you have to take the entire dash out, remove the heater core cover, undo the brackets and undo the hoses from the heater core, the worst part is removing the dash and remembering where all the wires go if you do this job yourself i sugest taking pictures as you go along

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As much as this sucks you have to take out the dash and it is located on the right side behine a little box.

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you have to remove the dash a 98 calls from over 6 hours.

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heater core is in back of glove box up under the dash, take bolts out under the dash and outer box to heater core will come off and then the heater core is exposed, pull hoses off the heater core on the firewall and core should come out.

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The heater core is located in the middle of the dash behind the center console. You have to take the console out to see the heater core.

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