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== = First, pop off the interior mirror cover. The triangular looking piece at the front of the door glass inside the car. May need a small flat head but it may come off using your hands. The cover is held on by 3 clips so just pull on it a little and you will feel it come loose. Be careful not to yank on it and break the clips off or your mirror adjuster stick. Remove the screws around the edge of the door panel, (you will need a #5 torx bit to fit the screws heads) Remove the two bolts behind the door grab handle by popping off the front cover of the grab handle using a small flat head screwdriver. Once that is removed you will see the 2 bolts. You will need an extension &/or a deep well socket to reach one of the bolts. Lastly, using the small flat head screwdriver, pop off the small circular cover that is located inside the handle/door lock area then use your torx bit to unscrew the last screw. Once all screws and bolts are out, grab the bottom of the door panel, pull it out a little bit and then push it up. May take a little force but the top will slid off and your panel will be loose. Don't forget, once the panel is loose, disconnect the wiring harness from the window switches.

Try to use Ford speaker adapter plugs so you don't need to cut wires and mess the electric system up. You can get them from Ebay or Amazon

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Q: How do you take the door panels off a 2003 ford focus in order to get to stereo speakers?
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