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To take the plastic inner panel off of the door perform the following: 1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws on top of the armrest where your fingers are placed to pull the door closed. The armrest is then able to slide to the rear and be lifted off. 2. Look at the window crank where it covers the window crank shaft. You will see a plastic ring. Push this trim ring away from the window crank and insert a crank removal tool in the small space between the crank and the plastic ring(this is a stamped steel device available at auto parts houses). Place the tool behind the window crank, and inline with the crank and push the tool straight in, all of the way (about 3/8"), and pop the retainer clip off of the shaft. The window crank can then be removed. NOTE: If the crank doesn't come off, move to the exact opposite side of the crank and repeat this exercise. Watch the clip! This is a small "C" shaped clip, and When it comes off, it can fly away and get lost! Voice of experience! 3. Take a thin flat bladed screwdriver and remove the plastic surround from the around the inside door handle. There are three clips on the top, bottom, and front. Put the screwdriver between the main plastic piece containing the handle and the surround. Release these three clips and the surround can be lifted off. 4. Take an auto body clip tool (I use a Snap-on No. A181, it looks like an oversized two-tined fork) and use it to pry between the plastic door panel and the metal door. Release the 9 plastic clips spaced around the panel. 5. Use the same tool to remove the triangular trim piece at the front corner of the window. Only one of the plastic clips holds this piece on. 6. The inner door panel is now ready for removal. Grip it in both hands and lift up. It hooks over the inner steel door frame, and will lift straight off. 7. To take the door down further, there are a number of 9/32" head sheet metal screws which hold the inner cover to the inner door. Remove these, along with one 10 mm bolt on the front edge of the panel, and you should now be able to access any of the rods/motors, etc inside the door. .

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Q: How do you take the driver's door panel off a '98 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 extended cab pick up?
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