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You need to buy or borrow a pair of thin wrenches that fit between the clutch and water pump. I got an Ampro T75508 set from NAPA. Soak the nut with a good penetrant (not WD-40) overnight.

You can go to auto zone and rent for free a five piece tool set that will fit over the four bolts on the pump pully. After doing this, you can use a 12" adjustable wrench to take the nut off of the pump. Sometimes taking off the fan helps aid in assessability.

Question: Facing the engine, which direction do you turn the nut ? The nut on my 1991 Ford F150 4x4 is stamped R.

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Q: How do you take the fan clutch off the water pump of 1991 2 wheel drive Ford F-150 4.9 truck?
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