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There are snaps around the entire left, right, and bottom of the door. There are 2 screws in the handle to close the door, and one in the door handle plastic itself. The snaps simply pop out, if it has pwr windows and doors, you have to unsnap those panels as well, and unplug the wires. Now the panel should lift off, the top hooks around the inner door skin.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-05 03:09:55
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Q: How do you take the front driver's door panel off a 1990 Toyota 4-Runner?
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Where is the plug for the obd II on a 2001 Toyota 4runner?

The 2001 Toyota 4runner OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to kick panel

Where exactly is the horn relay for a 95 Toyota 4runner located at and what does it look like?

In the drivers right kick panel, its small between the firewall and the fuses grey and has 3 terminals on it

Where is the fuse panel in 86 4Runner?

If your sitting in the drivers seat the fuse panel would be up underneath the dash on the left kick panel near the top.

Drivers side kick panel?

In the drivers footwell , it is the interior trim panel just in front of the door

Where is the flasher relay on a 89 Toyota pickup?

On my 89 4Runner it is under the kick panel on the driver's side.

Where is the driver side kick panel?

The kick panel is the interior trim panel just in front of the front doors , at the drivers and front passengers feet

What is a kick panel panel?

It is the interior trim panel , in front of the front doors , beside the drivers left foot and the front passengers right foot

Where is the light reminder relay 85 Toyota 4runner?

i just found my 95 4runner SR5 light reminder relay in front of my shift levers and behind the panel below my radio. i went to Toyota parts department and request to look at the EWD (electrical wiring diagram) to get a general location for my vehicle. PHIL

Where is the amplifier location on a 2003 Toyota 4runner?

Usually in the Passenger side Rear quarter panel in the back of this vehicle.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse located on a Toyota 4Runner?

underneath the driverside left knee.behind a small accessory panel

Where is the ECU located in a Toyota 4Runner?

it is located inside the truck on the passenger side behind the removabe kick panel.

Where is kick panel for Crown Victoria 2001?

The kick panel is the interior trim panel in front of the front doors beside the drivers and front passengers feet

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