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You should first start saying hi and smiling at her and then approach her. She is probably waiting for you to make the first move. Girls are like that... So don't fear her and go up to her. Now your question probably is but what would I say? You can just say that you just wanted to say hi and introduce yourself because you see her around alot. Be honest. That's the key rule. Than tell her your name. She'll do the same. You guys meet officially..There.. After that you can just say Hi ( her name )...whenever you see her. Than, approach her again (depending on the signs she gives you) Saying hi to you and smiling back is definitely a good sign. So when you approach her again tell her you would like to get to know her better and ask if she would like to hang out? Coffee may be? I don't know you think.. If she says yes get her number and call her to set a date. Again HONESTY IS KEY. Good Luck.

P.S-She'll probably enjoy the attention.

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Q: How do you talk to a girl you like if you don't actually know her but you just see her around?
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just try to actually talk to her girls hate it when guys like them and dont even talk to them. stop at her locker and smile and talk to her :)

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just let out all of your true feelings about the girl. you dont just have to say," Will you go out with me?" you can say something more passionete and with feeling like: ,"I've been thinking about this for a while and i just needed to tell you how i feel about you. I really like you and i wanna be with you."

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