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tell him that you like him just not like that. You can also try and find him another girl to like so it's not auquerd. In the beginning meet up in a group it'll make things a lot easier!

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What episode do harima and yakamo kiss?

In school rumble Z manga they almost kissed do to a hancuffing incident but no they didnt

Does being 14 and not kissed a girl make you gay?

no it surely does not. many people dont even get their first kiss until graduationg high school. one of my friends boyfriends didnt get his first kiss until he was 26

Did martin king have friends when he was a little boy?

he had white friends but they had to stop being friends because there parents didnt want them playing with each other.......

Has beyonce kissed a girl?

no she didnt ever kiss a girl in her life

Did Miley Cyrus kissed Ashley Tisdale?

No she didnt it was a hoax and who told you that anyway!!!! xx:)

Did Rin and Asa get married?

No they didnt, but they did become girlfriend and boyfriend. They kissed and hugged. That was all

Does massie like Claire in the book clique?

massie didnt like Claire at first but then she thought she was being mean and she needed friends so they became friends

What do if all my friends think im pregnant but im not and that i flashed my guy friend and i didnt and that i cant help being emo?

No one here can answer. You need to ask your friends.

How come Romeo and Juliet love each other just because they kissed once and they didnt even know each other?

No they were just as in love before they kissed.

Have Nicki minaj ever kissed a girl on the lipes?

i dont think so i hope she didnt

You kissed him but he got mad?

Well, if u kissed him and he got mad that means he is trying to keep himself from embaresment. Also, he could be around a bunch of his guy friends but he didnt tell them the the two of u were dating. But u never know that's just coming from me..... a ten year old so wat do i no?

In which episode do tamaki and haruhi kiss?

episode 26 They were suppose to kiss in the last epsiode but sadly didnt. I heard that they kissed in the manga though. They accidently kissed in chapter 72 of the manga and Tamaki has kissed her on the forehead, I think twice.

None of your friends like your boyfriend and they all say hes mean should you break up with him?

Heck nooooo!! Who cares what your friends think. My friends didnt like my boyfriend either but i didnt care. If they are really your friends and care about you they will let you be with whoever makes you happy. Unless hes mean to you but just talk to your boyfriend if he is really being mean to them.

How did iThink did not get the answer from Carly after they kissed?

freddie didnt want to say something he would regret, and sam didnt want to say something that seemed like she likes freddie

Did bow wezzy kiss tyra banks on the tyra show?

he didnt kiss her on the lips but he kissed her on the cheek

Has Nat Wolff ever kissed anyone?

Yes he's kissed Allie DiMeco a.k.a. Rosalina on his show and he kissed Miranda Cosgrove for the show. He also kissed some girl at summer camp when he was 6(I think) yea and he kissed qaasims cousin 14 times in the new nbb movie operation mojo haha wow i didnt no that!

He kissed me at a party but never asked me out?

Hey sweetie, I think if this boy kissed you at a party and he didnt ask you out he probably just wanted to be kissed although he could like you, it depends what the kiss was like and where you stand with each other now :) sorry, Love from M.I.S.

What to do when when he sees you kissing his friend?

tell them they kissed you first and you didnt kiss them back you tried to push away but you couldn't

I kissed a girl and she didnt want to what do i do?

Just apologize she probably did just was scared. don't worry she will come around : )

What do you do if your friends bother you because you've never had a girlfriend or kissed before in middle school?

if they are really your friend then they are just teasin you. if you ask them to stop they probably will. dont feel bad.i didnt get my first kiss until i got to high school.

Joe Jonas almost burned his house?

No he didnt

Would my girlfriend be mad if i kissed her and she didnt want me to cause i wouldn't know?

no, just tell her you need kissing lessons from her.

Why didnt Bilbo Baggins visit with his friends in the North?

Bilbo did visit his Dwarven friends often.

Is Justin bieber going out with jazmin villegas?

they both are friends and jasmine villegas is in his new video baby go see it on They frends but he is the person who plays the love intrest with Justin bieber but they both kissed i didnt see the pic so she lied

How does it feel to have your first kiss?

Girls might feel light headed and their hearts may skip a beat i don't realy know how guys react ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IT is awsome my friends and his friends kindof told us to do it but imglad i did i was kindof trin to avoid it by FAKE texting but it didnt work we kissed and like the last entry above of mine my heart felt like it skipped a beat i diddent feel very light headed but i had to pee i foregot all about it after we kissed though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!