How do you talk to the queen spider on runescape?

If you have talked to the spider in the bathtub and have figured out that he will only move when the Queen Spider tells him to, go back and tell the Grim Reaper and he will open a portal to the spider world. When you're in the spider world, you will have to cross a web maze who's path is different for everyone, just try all directions until you find the correct order. Second you will have to go through another course, which is the same for everyone, just follow the path that everyone seems to be taking. Once you go up the ladder, talk to the Spider Herald and tell him you are a messenger of the Grim Reaper and he'll tell you that you can talk to the queen. Go up the ladder and click on the Queen and just follow the dialog. Remember to be respectful to her or she'll get annoyed with you. That will unlock the next part of the event.
-Argh Amber