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Tattoos parlors overcharge. If you aren't friends with someone who is a tattoo artist then your pretty much gonna waste a lot of money. I recently purchased a whole Tattoo kit on Amazon. It came with 4 guns, a boat load of packaged needles, book on Tattooing procedures, a power supply, a foot pedal, ink, and lots of other stuff. And it cost me less than the price you would pay for only one fairly decent tattoo. You can also purchase practice skin. And it does helps to read up or watch tutorials before you start. I'm currently working on a left arm sleeve. It's going along just fine. Best investment I made in a while. If you are a somewhat talented drawer (or tracer) then odds are you can do it yourself while still preserving quality work.

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How do you remove a tattoo from home?

It is inadvisable to try to remove a tattoo yourself. It could cause medical problems and not an inconsiderable amount of pain and risk.

Is there any way to remove or fade a new unwanted TATTOO?

Yes. There are many ways of removing a tattoo. Laser tattoo removing, Tattoo removing creams, or you can do it yourself by using natural home remedies. Thats what I would recommend.

Is it illegal to tattoo yourself without a license?

No, it is not illegal to tattoo yourself, just as it is not illegal to pierce yourself. As for tattooing others you should get a license. No, it is not illegal to tattoo yourself, just as it is not illegal to pierce yourself. As for tattooing others you should get a license.

How do you permanently self-tattoo yourself?

you cannot really ''self-tattoo'' yourself unless you have all the nessecary equipment.

Where on the Sims 3 Ambitions can you get tattoos?

if you go to the town map, click on the salon and go to it, once there, go down to the basement and there should be a tattoo chair, click it and choose get tattoo, your Sim will then ask to get a tattoo and will shortly get one. you can also buy a digital tattoo applicator from the buy menu and you can then tattoo yourself on your home lot.

Can you get a tattoo license to tattoo at home in north carolina?

Yea , as long as you have a tattoo license .

Where can you find tattoos that say birthday girl on them?

I don't know, But I think you can buy tattoo makers, You can make yourself! I have one at home.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo by yourself in America?


How do you get license to open a tattoo shop in your home?

In some states I believe it's illegal to tattoo out of the home. The home isn't the most sanitary place to tattoo in, you can't keep the surfaces sterile or clean enough to tattoo on. It would be ideal if you could have to have a seperate area of the home that you can keep clean enough to tattoo in.

Is it gay to put a tattoo on the left hand?

No. Just express yourself. Its not gay to tattoo your hands.

Can you tattoo without having a tattoo shop?

As long as you have the licence you can run a tattoo shop from your home. That is where my tattoo artist does her work

Can you tattoo yourself with bleach I have a friend that said that if you keep it inked on your hand for a few weeks and bleach it on that its a safe way to make a temporary tattoo?

I think you can tattoo yourself with bleach but I think there'll be chemicals you wouldn't want on you...

How can you take off tattoo yourself?

get it lazered off

Is it illegal to tattoo others with a license at home?

probaly not illegal but you should check with local laws in your state before asking on the internet

Where can a 15 year old get a tattoo?

You can get a tattoo at fifteen with parental consent. You can also wait until your 18 to get it by yourself.

Where do tattoo artists work?

Tattoo artists work in tattoo artists that is because of what they do they cannot do it at home because everything has to be steralized

Where can I learn to tattoo if I already work full time and only have two days off for an apprenticeship?

buy yourself a tattoo kit and start learning on yourself and your family and friends have fun

Is it legal to tattoo at home but not charge?


Want a tattoo on your upper leg what do you get?

Whatever you would like. No one other than yourself should decide what you tattoo on your body.

Is it cheaper to pierce your own belly button or get it done in a tattoo parlor?

You should get it done by a tattoo paror cuzzz if you do it yourself it ll get infected and you ll have to take it off put it on yourself if you have experience otherwise I'm pretty sure its cheaper to do it yourself

Is it illegal to tattoo out of your home in CA?

yes.but it wont be illegal if you tattoo inside your house :pp

Is it against the law to tattoo out of your home?

Yes. To tattoo you must be a certified tattoo artist and the place that you do your tattoos in must be FDA approved and clean.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Canada?

15, with parental consent. 18, by yourself.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Bakersfield California?

16 with an adult, 18 by yourself

What does a peacock tattoo mean?

To free yourself mentally, artistically & spiritually.

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