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Babies, like big people, learn by repetition. So encourage the baby to walk on his feet(you may want to hold his/her hand). Or buy a stroller that the baby can push around and walk behind.

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Q: How do you teach a baby to walk?
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How can you teach your baby on baby Dow to walk?

For Babys they need to be in a soft area and stand them up and if they fall they wont cry and they will get use to it and walk on there own good luck :D

How to Make 5 month old baby strong?

teach them how to walk and sit with him/her and then she may get more skills

How do you use the word totter in a sentence?

The baby tottered about; his parents almost fainted while trying to teach him how to walk.

When should you start teaching your baby ballet if you want her to be the best at it?

You should teach her about 3-4 years old when she they knows how to speak and walk. You can't teach them how to dance at 1-2 years because she can let alone walk.

How do you teach your baby to walk?

i guess make them situp on there two legs and just let them fall on their but if they cant that's how i did mine

Do hamsters like to walk through water?

no gerbils like to, well they like to swim unless the hamster is a baby you can teach it to swim.

How long does it take to teach Doodle to walk in The Scarlet Ibis?

It takes a few months to teach Doodle to walk

Can a baby do a cartwheel?

Can your baby walk? No and you need to walk to do a cartwheel

How on babydow when your baby attends school can you teach it cooking?

You arent able to teach your baby to cook.

How do you train your guinea pigs to go for a walk?

you teach them how to walk and then walk with them until they learn to walk whenever you do

When was Baby Elephant Walk created?

Baby Elephant Walk was created in 1961.

Will a mother rabbit take her baby rabbits out of the nest?

Probably at around 4 weeks old to teach them how to walk and jump, but maybe before if the mother wants to.

How long before a baby rat can walk?

a baby rat can walk when it is ready and has fur

Sims 2 toddler walking?

you have to have a teen adult of old person and click on the toddler and click "teach 'baby name' to walk" and keep trying to make them walk and easier and faster way it to ggive them smart milk

How do mother otters teach their baby otter?

they teach it the otter way

How do I teach colors to my baby?

To teach colours to your baby you must get the colour that you want your baby to learn, repeatedly say the colour and point at it and eventually your baby will say the colour and know what it is when they see it.

What kind of tricks do mother elephants teach there baby elephant?

what kind of tricks do mother elephants teach there baby elephants

When does a baby rabbit walk?

they dont walk ... they hop

When can a baby be taken outside for a walk?

once they can walk

How do alligators teach baby gators to eat?

They don't teach them anything. The baby hatches from an egg in the nest and instinct tells it to eat.

Are baby walkers safe to use to teach a child how to walk?

the majot issue with baby walkers is the risk of a baby falling down stairs. As long as the child is supervised it is safe to use walkers. baby gates work great to keep a child in one room whree you cn dedicate the room to be baby safe.

When do babies take there first steps?

you have to teach them to walk

Why a baby bird can't walk?

Why a baby birds can't walk, because the wings of the baby bird is not fully develop, and the feet of the baby bird is so small

How do you teach your babies to walk on babydow?

go on your babies hit events and change your babies achievements to walking if your baby is older than 6 months than buy a walker.

When do baby doves learn to walk?

Baby Doves learn to walk in first week since being born.