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As you probably already know Jack Russell Terriers are high energy dogs and are quite stubborn. He should have been trained long ago, but it's not too late. If you go to your vet and ask where there are good training classes or, got to a place like Petcetera they do have training classes there. You are the "boss" of this dog and HE/SHE needs to know it!

You can try what my family does for our dogs.

1. find a toy that the dog has taken a strong liking to.

2. get a friend or family member help you

3. when you see the dog playing with the toy, being taking the toy from your dog then giving it back right away. do this a few times to insure you keep the dogs interest.

4. once you are sure you have the dogs interest take the toy and hand it to your assistant. have him/her stand a few feet away and call the dog. Once the dog response to them instruct them to give the dog the toy.

5. After you assistant gives the dog the toy immediately call the dog to you and take the toy back (give the dog a treat).

6. Repeat process a few more times


Once your dog learns to expect these actions you can move on to throwing the ball back and forth with your assistant and the dog will automatically follow the ball. Make sure that every time you or you assistant receive the ball you hand it to the dog and the dog is instructed by you or them to come bringing the ball back to the person who threw it (Make sure to give reward for returning toy to you). Eventually the dog will learn that if it brings the toy back with it he/she will receive some kind of reward. Once you notice the dog automatically returning the toy to you, you should begin to change up the routine a little bit at a time. Adding new commands such as Fetch every time you or your assistant throw the toy and/or changing the distance the dog has to travel is a good way to start. Eventually, your dog will learn what is expected of him/her and you can gradually stop giving the treats and/or having your assistant close by to help you and start just giving the command Fetch when throwing the toy. Your dog should return the toy to you without any outside help. Hope that I explained this well enough for you to understand what I mean {because until today I really never gave thought to how I trained my dogs I just did it}.



The way I taught my dogs to fetch was to take his/ her favorite toy and put peanut butter on it. The dog will soon get the idea that playing fetch is a treat to him/her. If you taught the dog to come then you would have no problem getting him to come back to you . So all you have to do when the dog gets the toy is to yell "come" (nicely) and the dog should come back with the toy.

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Q: How do you teach an 18-month-old Jack Russell Terrier to play fetch?
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