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How do you tell a boy you love him?


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  • Tell him how hes making you feel like that when your around him he makes your world light up if he doesnt fell the same way ts okay you just say okay dont be upset or anything

option 2 :make it clear that you love him and if he apporches you and asks do you fancy me you say yeah i think your really cute and kind and i do really like you <3 x

hope this advice works <3 good luck ! <3 x


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You can tell a boy you love him by sending him a text message or telephone call. You can as well wait for a time when you are alone and tell him.

Tell him your feelings. Honestly. Even if you don't love him.

You walk up to them and something that goes a little like this, "boy, I love you."

you kiss the boy and tell him you love him

It can be either way, a girl can tell a boy that she loves him or a boy can tell a girl that he loves her.

You blink your eyes and then tell him what you want him to know.

It is always best to wait for the boy to tell you he loves you no matter how long it may take him to tell you. Often if you tell a young man you love them first it may scare them away. Love may come when more memories are made by the two of you.

When a teen girl has deep feelings for a teen boy she may tell him 'I love you boy'. This is a common phrase that teenagers will say to one another.

you cant force someone to love you but don't be scared of rejection tell him how you feel!

well im a boy so i think just tell him and you just wait and see

First of all if you have to wonder how to tell them it is like not love.... wen you really love them it will just come naturally to say it for the 1st time. But you do not need to tell the guy that you love them first.

just tell him you love him worked for me

You should tell him as much love advise you can. If you have no idea of love then tell him to surf the web.

become good friends then when your alone tell him how you feel but get evidence he quite likes you first

you can tell that you are in love by when you stare at that boy/girl for a long time and kinda walk away from them if the get closer and SMILE a lot!!!

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