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That is hard. I hope you will still be there as a parent though or this could really break him. Just make sure and keep telling him you are his dad no matter what. Biology plays a very little part when it comes to being a parent. I don't know how old he is but a child does not need to know the details unless he is older and asking for it. You can say you two had problems and that mommy fell in love with someone else for awhile when she and dad was having a rough time and that happens sometimes between adults. I'm sure the kid has friends he fights with sometime and then they pay with other kids for awhile and then get back to each other as if nothing happened. You don't have to go into details on the cheating. She cheated on you and not the kid. Also be prepared for questions about the biological father. He might want to look him up one day. If you can, offer to help. It will be no threat to you as his father and will probably even bring you closer.

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Q: How do you tell a child the mother cheated and is not yours?
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