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This happens with one or the other or both of the so-called friends. It has happened to me in the past, but unfortunately I didn't feel the same way towards my male friend. He told me how he felt, and I was very careful what I said, but had to be honest. Thankfully, we have remained friends for the past 38 years and he is married to a wonderful gal and we are close friends as well. Take the chance and tell this young woman how you feel. Don't go through life regretting "what ifs". Pick a special evening when you are alone perhaps watching a movie, or you're going for a walk. Say something like, "You know, we've been friends for a very long while, what do you think of actually going out on a date?" She may feel the same way and jump at the chance, and if she doesn't feel the same she'll probably smile and tell you she doesn't think it's a good idea or she's afraid of ruining a good friendship. Then you will have your answer and you won't lose a good friend in the process. Whatever you do don't go at her like "gang busters" and scare her off. Don't get into the love part of it right off the bat, but say you are very fond of her and you would like to see where this could all lead. Strangely enough, friendship and love are one. If you can't be each other's best friend and lovers too then you're finished before you get started. I rely on three people in my life .... God (spiritually) myself, and my wonderful husband of 33 years. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you tell a girl that you have been friends with for the past year that you are falling in love with her if you use to only think of her as a friend?
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