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you do not!! he has a girlfriend! if you do tell him he'll probably think it is cheap or something! wait till he is single!

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Well, if he looks at you a lot he could already like you. But what you have to do is really get to know him and be his friend. My first boyfriend (and current boyfriend) was my best friend in 5th grade and 6th grade! I had known him since 1st grade. And it turned out he had liked me ever since 3rd grade (I had liked him since 3rd grade too) but what I'm saying is you really need to get to know them and become their friend because he could already like you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! :D

Since you are only in 5th grade, there isn't much you can do to be a "great" girlfriend... just be yourself!

No I've liked someone since 7th grade up to 10th grade.. and who knows for how much longer

what do you think it means? It means you've liked them since first grade and you're now about to be in eighth grade! Sounds like you see a lot of something special in this person, perhaps it's time to make a move.

Then you are jackass for not noticing and not to make a move!

Well, I was in 6th grade I had a best friend and I had liked him since 3rd grade! And we had been friends since 4th grade. I just waited and in November of 6th grade he admitted that he had liked me since 3rd grade. And he asked me out. You just have to be their friend. Because they will eventually love you back! I had 4 friends that are guys and it had been rumored that all 3 had a crush on me! Just be his friend and get to know him! I've known my boyfriend since 1st grade! (he is the same one from 6th grade)

There is a possibility that you have lost you self esteem since your girlfriend dumped you and then telling you that she never liked you and that is why you have no ambition to be in a relationship ever and you do not want to marry also.

No, its normal..i liked this one boy since fifth grade and now im in ur still normal I,madolyn07, says it's not all...i'm telling's okay to have a crush!!!! (I do)

1980 married Reuna Smith, his girlfriend since 9th grade

ask them since when they began liking you and assure him you guys are just friends

Yes Master Cheif has always liked Cortana since the second grade when he was at spartan school. Cortana went out with master Cheif in the 6th grade but ever since then their relationship has been off and on.

Hardly already since he is 21 but yes, he was 14yo and it was with his then girlfriend. Same age for Bill.

Just say..... I really like you _______, Will you be my girlfriend?(:

go on and tell her do it gently though hint such as touching her gently hugging her complamenting her and see were itr gets you xxx

Chances are good. It sounds like he's being a little flirty. As to him having a girlfriend... well, guys can be... indecisive, to put it kindly.

Yes,since he is your brother you shouldn't keep that from him. He should know if another girl is asking about him.

He's currently dating Selena Gomez which I think it wrong since I liked it when he was dating Miley Cyrus.

Find a way to start talking to her again in a relaxed way. If you were able to tell she liked you in 7th grade, you'll be able to tell if she still feels that way now.

You should go after her and ask her out but if her friends are around she probaly will say no so say " Hey ------ can i talk to yuo privately it's important" and then you can ask her and if she says no just move on and stop trying to impress her because it won't work and just continue to be yourself.There are so many more girls out there for you!

Tails use to have a girlfriend called cosmo but she died, so no he doesnt have one Cosmo wasn't his girlfriend the potion made Cosmo and Tails in love but since Cosmo died he has to move on and go with Amy since he liked her first before he met Cosmo but Cosmo liked Tails Tails really likes Cosmo as a friend the potion just made Tails "love" Cosmo, those 2 aren't really in love but Cosmo really loves Tails

If he knows that you like her than end your friendship,if he doesn't than tell him you owe him!

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