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How do you tell a relationship is over?

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2017-05-21 07:03:52

Well, aside from the significant other breaking up with you,

there are a few ways you can tell if a relationship is dying.[and

for my own sake I am going to assume this is a girl asking the

question, because I am a girl] 1-- if he stops calling you/calling

you back or replying to you on facebook or texting that is a sign.

2-- if he has become less of himself when he is around; e.g. he is

quieter, he is snippy/and snaps at you a lot, or if he is noticing

other girls more. 3-- if he seems like he doesn't enjoy being with

you, and doesn't make an effort to be with you/talk to you There

are a number of ways to tell a relationship is over: 1.) the other

party stops calling or talking to you 2.) your sex life is over 3.)

the other party doesn't do nice things for you any more 4.) they

express more interest in their friends than they do in you 5.) they

make lame excuses why they can't see you.

You can tell if your relationship is over if your partner is

abusive in any form, you are unable to stand the sight of your

partner, when there is distrust and disrespect, when you and your

partner are unable to work on the big issues and when you are

unable to recall any good memories that you have ever had.

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