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a tool that measures weight

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Q: How do you tell gold's carat weight without a stamp?
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What does the stamp gcj 14ka MEAN ON A BRAcelet?

.50 is the carat weight of the stones, half a carat in total. I think the A after the 14K is only the manufacturer. I have never seen a special stamp for white gold.

Is your ring real if it does not have a carat stamp?

Probably not.

How much is a half carat diamond ring worth w 18kt G E Diamond shape stamp?

A diamond is valued by its cut, clarity, carat weight and colour. A local jeweler can look at your stone and give you a precise answer.

What does 14kplc mean gold stamp?

14 carat gold

What does a c stamp on a gold necklace mean?

it stands for ct or kt which means carat/karat

How many stamps to send a letter from Chicago to Paris?

The cost of a stamp is by weight, not distance. Without the weight this can not be answered. For more information go to

What does 14K GH Gold mean?

14 carat gold and GH is the jewelers

What does stamp 760 on a ring mean?

it means it is 18 carat gold ring or 76% pure gold

What does stamp C 22 in gold means?

The carat is a unit of purity for gold alloys. A stamp of C 22 signifies a quality mark in skin purity. This is popularly used in India.

Do you have to put a new stamp on returned mail?

if the stamp is not cancelled you can resend it without another stamp

How much is a 1 cent Portugal stamp worth?

Without knowing the date on the stamp, a description and condition, it is impossible to value a stamp.

Can a Pokemon card be first edition if it doesn't have the stamp?

no, nothing can be first edition without a stamp. if you dont have a stamp your not first edition,