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How do you tell him he's a narcissist?


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November 22, 2009 7:00PM

You can't!!! You can't tell him that he is a narcissist, because a narcissist is unable to define his own faults, much less try to fix them. I am in the process of leaving my 6 year relationship with a narcissist because he just drained the life out of me. 6 years and I finally was able to put a finger on what his problem was. I just learned this now.

Amen Sister! He will not admit any wrong doing on his part. The blame will aways go on you or another. They see themselves as perfect. Gorgeous, available ( even if married) They are opportunists. They manipulate EVERYONE and thing. They have affairs due to the sexual attention and the Madonna/Whore Syndrome. They want everything they cannot have. Someone playing hard to get is an obvious target. They feel the need, desire to conquer that woman/person. They cannot love you. It is all an act. They suck you in, and when they think they have captured you, then you become a burden and a bore, and they must move on to the next captivating victim. They NEED you at home for secondary attention. They need constant adoration. The world cannot contribute that to them all of the time. So, they need a significant other to fulfill that void. (When the World is to busy for them) We, as a wife, only serve a purpose to them. When we fall in love with them in he beginning, it is all an act. When they think you are trapped in their love, then they do not see you as a sexual being. That is where the Madonna/Whore Syndrome comes in to play. They feel the urge to chase the sex, and you are now the nice, caring being (not sexual) the Madonna. You will be hurt so much with the constant affairs and abuse. These people DO NOT CARE about NO ONE but THEMSELVES! You, or NO one else will ever change them because they don't think that they are doing anything wrong. They think that they are owed happiness, self-satisfaction. The "Feel Good" concept. That is ALL they care about. They hate rejection ...It's like, HOW dare you not give ME what I WANT? They always have to be the loudest, center of any gathering and attention. "People person" (so they can flirt with every woman), Life of the party! They act like they deserve a fan club. Sorry for being so long winded with this. I had to get it out of my system. I am just getting through this with my husband now. It is hard, and I have a long way to go to retrieve my lost, everything! He has drained me in every way possible. But, I love God, and asked him to reveal everything to me, and that I knew how painful that this would be. I needed to save the rest of my future. I have wasted 9 years on him. Now it's MY turn to live...
To finally breath again... God Bless ... Regina