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count the rings on it's back

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How old does a red eared slider turtle get?

they can live anywhere from 10-40

Can a sucker fish live with red eared slider if the turtle is 6 years old?

Its really a gamble to put any fish with a red eared slider , it depends how big the sucker fish is if it is small the turtle with probably eat it , you are supposed to let them grow up together i have a sucker fish with my red eared slider but they are baby's so they have not bothered it.

Can a red eared slider turtle be released into the wild?

today July 7 10 i let my red eared slider go into the wild because he was getting to big and he was 3 years old was excited and ran straight into a lake that has lots of red and yellow eared slider turtles in it so i think he very happy

How many goldfish should your red eared slider eat?

our red slider turtle is 1 1/2 years old and she will eat 5 small goldfish at a time.

Can a young red eared slider live with old one?

of course! i have a baby red eared slider living with a big 8 inch turtle and they get along! you have to make sure they know and like each other before you put them both in the same tank

How old is a 6 inch red eared slider?

Red-eared turtles usually grow 1 to 1 1/2 inches a year. so your turtle is probably around 6 years of age.

How do you tell how old a yellow belly slider turtle is?

unless you had it from the time he was born, you can't tell. counting the rings on it's shell DOES NOT work.

How old is a two inch red eared slider?

A 2 inch red eared slider is a baby there folly grown wen there about 5-12 inches depending the sex.

Will a big red eared slider eat a baby red eared slider?

personally i recently introduced a 6 month old turtle to the troupe,my larger female of 7 years can be very rough and tried to bite Him/her i would see how they go and keep you have on you larger turtle whilst introducing them,my smaller male of 4 years seems very protective over my smaller one.

How old are the red eared slider turtles when you know the gender?

The gender of a turtle does not affect the age of the turtle. You can tell the age of your turtle by looking at the layers on the turtles scute. Scutes are what makes a turtles shell look quilted. Each scute sheds about once a year, revealing a new scute and leaving a layer on the new scute. By seeing how many layers are on a scute you can tell how many years old your turtle is. Example. 2 layers = 2 years, 10 layers = 10 years. A turtle with no layers will be less than a year old.

How old is a red eared slider about the size of a quarter?

Most Turtles age very slowly. The red eared Slider can remain the size of a quarter for about 1-2 years, but by age 10 he will be the size of a small dinner plate, and by age 30 (they can live to be about 50)your Turtle can weigh up t0 20 lbs.

What to feed a 4-5 year old red eared slider?

feed it turtle food but make sure the food is big.feed it lettuce and krill.also earthworms and fresh fish.

How old does a red eared slider have to be to have babies?

Male red eared sliders can breed when they are two to four years old, and females when they are five to seven years old.

How can you tell if a red eared slider is a female?

They generally have wider necks and thicker tails.......You can not tell till about 18 months to 2 years old though.......the male has longer claws.....

How old would a 4 inch red ear slider be?

"Unfortunately, you can not tell the age of a turtle by it's size. Turtles grow depending on how big their environment is." Actually, no. A red eared slider does NOT grow to their environment. If you feed it, it will grow. If not it will, obviously not grow then die. But there is no way to tell how old a RES is unless you hatched it or know who hatched it. It does not matter how big it is. Some owners over feed or under feed their turtles so there is no way determining it by size either.

Does the red eared turtle eat fish?

Yes. The most common fish a Red Eared Slider will eat is Commet Goldfish. Red eared sliders will eat fish, but fish are full of worms and parasites which will contaminate your filter. For an indoor slider I suggest only pellets and veggies. Plus they eat parts of the fish and the rest you would have to clean out right away. My slider loves just his pellets, he snubs romaine lettuce and any other veggie I have tried. Ice berg lettuce is not good for sliders either. I have a 4 year old slider that is 5 inches long he is in a 40 gallon tank alone.

How old do red eared slider have to be to eat earth worms?

It dose not matter what age they have to be to eat earth worms

How can you tell how old a snapping turtle is?

You can tell how old a Snapping Turtle is by it's size and how weathered its shell is

Why did my two other red eared sliders eat the eyes of my small 4 year old red eared slider?

Red Eared sliders are aggressive over food, territory mates, etc. Most likely it was due to that aggression. I would suggest separating the sliders and taking the injured slider a vet. Good Luck!

What is the lifespan of a red eared turtle?

They could live up to thirty years old and older

How do you tell age of a yellow back turtle?

A yellow back turtle or yellow-bellied slider is an aquatic terrapin which has evolved to live in warm waters. There is no definitive way in determining how old it is and the rings on its shell are not conclusive in gauging its years of age.

Can a baby red eared slider and a baby painted turtle be housed in the same enclosure both a few months old?

yes they can. they will get use to each other and will get along. red ear sliders are more timid than eastern painted turtles. so he may be scared of the other turtle at first. but they will learn to get along.

How do red eared slider turtles die?

Same as any other animal, either old age or some kind of disease.

How do you tell how old a sea turtle?

There is no way to tell how old a sea turtle is or even how long they live. The best estimate is that they can be up to eighty years old when they die. There are no rings or lines on a turtle shell that increase with age to tell how old the turtle is. A typical sea turtle reaches breeding age around 25-30 (for loggerheads). After a turtle does become an adult, it is anyone's guess how old it is.

How could you tell how old turtles are?

there is an old turtle myth and legend. it says you can tell how old a turtle is by counting the squares on it`s shell bottom.

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