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Most of them are already fake! LMAOOO!...No one can tell unless they look really really fake like no logo on the end or nothing

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โˆ™ 2010-12-26 01:14:00
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Q: How do you tell if a bb Simon belt is fake?
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Where to get a bb Simon belt?


How much does a bb Simon bracelet cost?

80 $

Where can one buy BB Simon belts online?

One can buy BB Simon belts on line when one goes to the sites of miinto and sparkleaccessoires. Price ranges from $175 to $300 depending on the style and material.

How much do a fake bb gun that is cheap at walmart?

Um 10

Is jewelry paj bb chine gold or fake gold?

I don't known

What are the notes to William Tell Overture on tuba?

BB B BB B BB EFG BB B BB E GG F D B BB B BB B BB EFG EG B'A'GF EGE ' Means high notes.

Where can you buy fake bb guns?

No one that I have ever came across makes FAKE BB Guns. What would be the purpose? However if you really mean FALKE BB guns then that is a different question. Falke has been out of business sense 1961. There were very few of them made compared to other companies that prospered. Most all that still exist and are in working order, are in collectors hands.,

What determines how rugged and high a mountain chain is?

er Row fake c freq bb nggjrjersdfjan vnitejtrgerjtes rrenerferkf frittered

How do you tell if it is a bb pistol or pellet pistol?

It usually says right on the barrel. Single shot / single load pistols are pellet pistols. Most BB guns have a reservoir for the BB's. There are a few that shoot either a BB or a pellet. You will have to look at the instructions or the display box to see what it says. Pellet pistols are more accurate than BB pistols. Most BB pistols will say .177 BB. Pellet pistols will say .177 Cal and not say BB.

How do you tell if a clarinet is a b flat?

If when a C is fingered on the clarinet a Bb comes out then it is a Bb. Finger a C on any instrument and the pitch that is produced is the name of the key that it is in.

How much a daisy bb gun worth?

Nothing, unless you can tell me the model number, the current condition and if it is still working. Also is it a BB gun or BB rifle. Without more information it is not possible to answer your question.

How do you tell the weight of a random airsoft bb?

Unless you have a scale or the packaging, its not like they label them so you can't. Usually it's a .12g bb if you can see the seam, because no one would buy a high quality .12g bb.

What are the notes to go tell aunt rowdy for the flute?

D D C Bb Bb C C Eb D C Bb F F Eb D D C Eb D C Bb

Crosman pulse m70 full auto electric airsoft repeater does it come with the scope?

It comes with a FAKE scope that really holds BB's.

How can you tell the age of a model 1000 daisy BB gun?

Daisy never made a 1000 BB gun (that I know of) however they made several versions of the Model 1000 BB rifle. Your best answer should come from Daisy. They offer a free service to tell you about your old Daisy. See the link below

What did they tell ralphie wehn he said he wanted a bb gun?

You'll shoot your eye out.

How do you tell what model of a daisy bb gun?

The model number is usually engraved on the barrel .

How do you tell the model of a daisy BB. Gun?

The model number is usually engraved on the barrel .

What are the genotypes for both parents who are Bb?

BB Bb Bb and bb. 25% are bb, 50% Bb, 25% BB

How do you get to the BB base on fossil fighters?

After you turn level5 you go to the park area to the dock .then you fight a bb solder once you beat him you go in the boat.It will tell you to push a auto pilot .Put yes and it will take you to bb base. To beat the bb solder in park area use spinex ,magalo ,and shoni

Where can you get good dog belt and chain in Madurai?

Sonia Pet Shop, Annanagar & BB Kulam, Madurai. Contact Dr.Premkumar- 9842634811

What are the genotypes of parents for the letters Bb Bb Bb Bb?

BB and bb

Sears roebuck bb gun with model number126?

All the model 126 BB guns made for sears were made by Crosman. The 4 to 5 numbers that follow the 126 tell you the exact model. Without knowing these numbers I can't tell you exactly what model Crosman it is.

Is Bb heterozygous or homozygous?

Bb is heterozygous. Homozygous would be BB or bb.

Why did your boyfriend shoot you with a bb gun then go to his ex?

Because hes trying to tell you something..

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