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If it disappears, it was a magician's coin.

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Q: How do you tell if a coin is real or a magician's?
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Are magicians real?

People can be magicians but there tricks are not real. They fool the eye.Magic isn't real.

Is a dime on one side and a penny on the other side of same coin real?

It's "real," but it isn't a Mint-manufactured coin. This is a magician's coin made from two legal-tender coins after they were issued for circulation. No. It's manufactured for magicians.

Where do you get a US coin authenticed?

Take it to a coin shop. They will tell you if it is real or not.

What are the secrets of magicians?

A magician cant tell you because it is against the magicians code.

Can biting a gold coin tell if it is real gold?


How do you tell if an 1800 liberty coin is fake or real?

If you doubt the authenticity of any coin, take it to a coin dealer.

What is dynamo the magicians real name?

His real name is Steven Frayne.

How do you tell if a coin is a real coin or a fake?

you will know because if some currency is dated 1960, it is fake

What is cosentino the magicians real name?

Paul Cosentino

How can you tell if a coin is real gold?

Take it to a jeweler or coin shop. But beware of leaving coins with a dealer, because you have no proof of ownership.

How do you tell if a coin ad is for real coins?

Find the value of the coin and see if it matches close to the price they are advertising. If you find that the value is $250 and they are selling it for $20 it's not the real coin. Another thing to watch out for is if the coin(s) or advertisement says "copy". If they do it means they are only selling a replica of the coin and not the real deal. You can find coin values online at Numismedia.

How do you tell if a 1795 silver dollar is real?

Take it to a local coin collector and see what he or she says.

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