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How do you tell if a coin is real or a magician's?

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If it disappears, it was a magician's coin.

2006-08-26 05:08:14
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Q: How do you tell if a coin is real or a magician's?
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Are magicians real?

People can be magicians but there tricks are not real. They fool the eye.Magic isn't real.

Is a dime on one side and a penny on the other side of same coin real?

It's "real," but it isn't a Mint-manufactured coin. This is a magician's coin made from two legal-tender coins after they were issued for circulation. No. It's manufactured for magicians.

Where do you get a US coin authenticed?

Take it to a coin shop. They will tell you if it is real or not.

What are the secrets of magicians?

A magician cant tell you because it is against the magicians code.

Can biting a gold coin tell if it is real gold?


How do you tell if an 1800 liberty coin is fake or real?

If you doubt the authenticity of any coin, take it to a coin dealer.

How do you tell if a coin is a real coin or a fake?

you will know because if some currency is dated 1960, it is fake

What is cosentino the magicians real name?

Paul Cosentino

How can you tell if a coin is real gold?

Take it to a jeweler or coin shop. But beware of leaving coins with a dealer, because you have no proof of ownership.

How do you tell if a coin ad is for real coins?

Find the value of the coin and see if it matches close to the price they are advertising. If you find that the value is $250 and they are selling it for $20 it's not the real coin. Another thing to watch out for is if the coin(s) or advertisement says "copy". If they do it means they are only selling a replica of the coin and not the real deal. You can find coin values online at Numismedia.

How do you tell if a coin is a fake?

optoin1- you can tell if a coin is fake because if you get a coin and stand it up vertically on its sideand then tap it and then when it falls flat on its face , then if it makes a lighter sound it means its real but if its fake it should make a duller sound option2- you can also tell by the writing and details on the edge of the coin by naseem sharif

How do you tell if a 1795 silver dollar is real?

Take it to a local coin collector and see what he or she says.

How can you tell if its authentic 1789 george washington medal coin?

Most likely it is real. However to be sure just take it to your local coin collector.

How can you tell the authenticity of a coin?

The one sure way to determine if a coin is real or fake is by weight. A genuine coin will have a specific weight, while a counterfeit will be too heavy or too light.

Who uses prime factorization in real life?

Mathematicians and magicians and pediatricians and magipeditricians

How can you tell the difference between a real and counterfeit 1909 VDB Lincoln Penny?

Have it checked by a coin dealer.

How do magicians produce doves from silks?

If your a real! magician you do it by casting the summon dove spell.

Why can't magicians tell magic tricks?

because they don't want you to now it is fake

How much is a double headed dime that is the same year on both sides?

It's a novelty or magicians coin and has no collectible value.

How can you tell if silver 1865 one dollar coin real?

The best thing to do is take it to a dealer or collector for their opinion.

How do tell if you have a pattern siver dollar?

Take it to a reputable coin dealer who should be able to tell you if you have an authentic pattern coin. Most pattern coins are not authentic and therefore numismatically worthless. But if you have a real one it can be worth quite a bit.

Where would you find the value of a double sided quarter with two eagles that is no a magicians coin?

Sorry to pop your bubble but it IS a magician's coin. The dies used to strike coins are "keyed" so that it's physically impossible for anyone to put two backs or two fronts into a coin press. The machining techniques used to make magicians' coins are quite sophisticated and the seam can be almost undetectable, but it IS there.

How much it a 1942 penny with two heads on it worth?

As a coin collector's item, zero. It's a novelty item made by cutting up 2 real coins and joining their opposite sides. Magicians sometimes use them as trick coins.

Does real exist as a noun?

Yes, the word 'real' is a noun for something that actually exists; reality in general; an old silver coin of Spain. Example: It's hard to tell which is the real and which is the forgery.

What did king nebuchadnezzar want his wisemen and magicians to do for him after he had his dream?

He wanted them to not only tell him the meaning of his dream but what the dream was in the first place. His magicians and wisemen failed to decipher the dream. Only Daniel was able to do this.