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How do you tell if a guy has a crush on you?


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CRUSHING ON YOU If a guy really likes you he wants to seem superior to you. He wont just follow you around like a lost puppy dog. He may ignore your texts or try to be all intelligent and cool. But whenever you do have conversation, it may be about the strangest things that havent seemed to matter before. This guy might do sweet things for you like leave you little notes somewhere or hold a door open. A good guy knows that its the small things that matter. DONTS! Do not chase him. Although it may not seem that he likes you, he is just playing a game. Lay off, and play his own game on him. Make him chase you. When he asks you out the first time dont say yes (it sounds stupid but it works) but after this point let him know that you still like him. If you dont he might give up and try to forget about you. When he asks you out the second time say yes! This is a good way to get a guy. WHEN YOU DATE Play the same game. Dont be clingy and needy. Make him want to be around you and miss you, not get away from you. I like this boy and this is what he does around me ~ looks at me alot ~ trys to follow me ~ if we meet each other closely he looks into my eyes alot ~ he trys to sit around me at lunch ~ and some other stuff does he like me? will he ask me out? plz answer i really want to know reply asap plzzzzz i rlly want to know


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Tell him that you have a crush on him. Talk to him.

Flirt with them or ask them out.

You can tell him that you find him attractive.

He looks at you, touches you, or talks to you or about you.

If you have a crush on this guy just ask nice to him and make him laugh act normal.Sometimes its good to just tell them or give them a note. If you really like this guy just play it cool and tell himAnswer: There was a song called "Hello" buy Hawk Nealson but that song has to do with a guy having a crush on a girl... it's cute though

I would tell her and tell that guy that he shouldn't crush her heart by liking you wether you like him or not.

if he flirts with you or he blushes is clumsy ect. ect. when he is around you

Everything! Everything the guy does means he has a crush on you. If he doesn't talk to you, and he's trying to play it cool, if he does talk to you, he wants to get closer to you. Just ask him out already.

tell your guy berst friend that you have a crush on his friend and ask him to ask his friend if he thinks you are cute. And from there see where that takes you:)

just tell him i mean i am a guy so i should know

Drop some hints, lightly tease him, flirt a little! Then when the time is right tell him, write a note, or if he ask's you, then tell him!

Dear asker, You're the only one who can tell.

You should go tell a best friend you trust. And make sure that they won't tell anyone.

Tell the truth & let him know how you feel.Then see what happens next.The worst that could happen is he rejects you.

The guy will try to get to know you better, be nicer to you, and try t talk to you as a guy myself. I would do this if I had a crush on a girl.

Just ask him, i asked my best guy friend if the guy i have a crush on likes me or who does he just ask him and tell him not to tell anyone and if he does, oh well ur prolly not gunna see him when u go to college, and get married. SO JUST ASK HIM-----I DID-----

TO tell if a guy fancies u they will usually cut all ur hair off in the night and smell it

just tell him that both of you like him see who HE likes

its hard belive me i cant even tell the guy i like its been 2yrs

Go to the guy and tell him to tell his girlfriend that he has a crush on you and that he thinks they should get over each other.

From what i Understand of "De-crush". If you want to decrush a guy, when he has a crush on you then you should tell him as soon as possible. You should let him know that you know he has a crush on you, and that right now you are not interested but can be friends etc. The more time you leave it, the more painful the result will be. If however you meant that you have a crush on a guy and you want to stop it, then simply put it aside and think of something else. lol

Well,the best way to tell is that he'll give you that "look" and he might start flirting.

act like da good friend you are tell ya friend.jelousy is a dangerous thing dont let it consume you

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