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How do you tell if a guy is interested in you?


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You have to stay calm and talk it out in a polite manner


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You can tell if a guy is not interested in you if he tells you or gives you odd looks.

tell them you are not interested. if you are friends with them, then tell them that you only see them as a friend.

Just about like that. Just tell him you know he is interested in you, but you are not interested. Thanks, but no thanks.

If a guy is interested, he will want to spend time with you, will call you, and will not make you wonder.

Well if you don't like him tell him you're not interested in him, and if you are interested in him tell him you like him back, or you can just ignore him.

You can tell a guy is interested in you if actually says he likes you or wants to go out

You have to be straight forward, honest, and polite.

You can tell a guy is interested in you if he always wants to be around you. He doesn't have to talk to you. He just wants to be in your envelope. If you want to push the envelope, ask him if he likes you.

You tell him politely that you are not interested.

Tell him you are not into men... lol Tell him you are not into men... lol

Just tell him exactly that. Say 'sorry, but I'm just not interested in you that way', or something along those lines.

Tell her you are interested in her. If you want to show it and build a real relationship though you should seek to spend time with her. Talk to her. Be a good guy for her.

he keeps ignoring you and couldn't be bothered what happens to you.

I met a guy at a dating website called, he told me he is interested in me and wants to have a good relationships when we have chatted for about a month. I think he may directly tell you if he is interested.

If you like the guy then why not let him know? If you don't then you can either ignore the fact or tell him politely that you are not interested.

I would say so. He interested in you.

well how do you know if he likes you? just tell the guy that you are not interested

you have to tell him clearly - guys dont understand if it's not clear

I would tell your bisexual friend that even though its hard to tell them but you have to because you're his friend. then nicely tell them that the other guy isn't interested and that there are better people out there for him.

That would depend if he is interested or not. He may try to contact you and if you find time passes and he doesn't then it may be that he is not interested.

Tell him polietly that you arent interested in him And maybe suggest someone who would be interested in him.

if he try's to ask you out tell him your not interested and if he cant take no for an answer then call the police =-)

have someone else tell him you're interested. try to get him to like you back.

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