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How do you tell if a guy may be in love with you?


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To tell you the truth I'm really not sure but look if he's constantly all in your face and he just can't stand to be away from you or just this if he tells you those are very good signs that he's in love with you men don't know when they're in love to them sex is being in love don't let it trouble you much if he says the word I love you at any time in the first couple of months, weeks, or days he's probably and if the relationship last longer than six months yeah he's in love with you. If the only thing he wants to do is have sex with he's not in love he's just trying to get some just overall be careful men are slick and very manipulative don't believe everything you hear from take it as he's talking and that's it.


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if your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

More people in this world should tell those that they care about that they love them. Being male yourself it is wiser to tell your guy friend that you love them like a brother and not just 'I love you' because he may consider the fact you are gay or just simply strange.

The best way to tell him is just to tell it to his face, but It may seem very hard, it's the best thing to do.

be faithful to him and tell him that you love him

You should tell the person that you love that you're interested in them, then tell the other guy that you don't love them. Try to be nice, but if he doesn't understand you may have to tell him to stay away from you.

if he likes you for who you are

"------(name) I am madly in love with you."

It can be that they don't know what love is and mistake infatuation for it. They may be just telling you that to tell you what you want to hear to go out with you longer and get in your pants. Depends on the guy

well if you really love the guy just tell him how you feel because if you dont you will always wonder why you didn't tell him how you feel

there is no way to tell they look exactly alike.

Depends on the guy. He may like you, and is trying to make you jealous. He may be a player and does it to everyone. He may not mean it for either of you.

I hate to tell you this but yes, may guys pretend to love girls. I had a boy who pretended to love me... I feel for it, he really just wanted some..

be strong! tell him " i lkke you!" then walk away but the guy i lke graeme, i havent gathered the courage to tell him but i plan to

but um... sry i didnt, do u mean like how can u tell a guy tht u love him? is tht what u mean?????

tell him(in a note) You are my heart,my mind,my soul MY LOVE I LOVE YOU love : name... is that old fashioned...soz if it is LOLs

No because you may ruin a good the relationship. If you had a boyfriend would you want some girl telling him that they love him? The answer should be no.

be nice to him and tell him i love you

He will only be your friend.

Tell him i love you so much that im ready to have sex with you without a condom :)

You just have to tell her. She will appreciate it if you do. Girl's love it when a guy says they love them!!!

you can defanitly tell when the guy is always looking at you and if he is nice to u and sometimes if he teases you or picks on you

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