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How do you tell if a master cylinder is bad or if you need to replace brakes?

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Start the car. Place you foot on the brake and hold steady pressure. If the brake pedal slowly moves toward the floor, you need to replace the master cylinder.

2015-07-15 19:38:25
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Need to know how to replace a master cylinder with abs brakes on a Pontiac grand am?

my husband is trying to replace the master cylinder on a 1994 grand am. he was wondering on how to align the gears for the abs.

Why do the brakes lose fluid 1999 E 350?

Probably need to replace the brake cyclinders if the master cylinder is ok.

How do you know when you need a new master brake cylinder?

A brake master cylinder? If you are losing brakes or brake fluid.

How do you convert anti-lock brakes to regular brakes on a 1990 Lincoln Mark VII?

you need to take off the master cylinder and the accumulator and replace it with a master cylinder from a non antilock vehicle like a thunderbird or cougar from about 1985 to 1988.

How do you replace brake fluid for Toyota Sienna?

You will need to bleed the brakes, starting from the caliper furthese from the master cylinder then moving closer.

How do you remove the reservior from the master cylinder in a 93ford tempo 4 cylinder car?

If you are talking about the brake master, then remove this as a complete unit, and replace it as a complete unit. You do want your brakes to work the next time you need them...............

How do you replace a cylinder on a Chevy S10?

This is a far reaching question that needs more clarification. There are cylinders where the pistons are located. If you have a clutch then you have a clutch master and slave cylinder. On the brakes you have a master cylinder and wheel cylinders. And the beat goes on. You need to distinguish as to which cylinder you are referring.

When you first push brake pedal down it goes straight to the floorI need to pump brakes several times to get it to resume normal pressure 2003 silverado?

First thing I would do is check the fluid level in the Master Cylinder, and bleed the brakes. Start at RR, then LR, RF, and end up at LF, making sure you keep the Master Cylinder full at all times. If that does not help, replace the Master Cylinder.First thing I would do is check the fluid level in the Master Cylinder, and bleed the brakes. Start at RR, then LR, RF, and end up at LF, making sure you keep the Master Cylinder full at all times. If that does not help, replace the Master Cylinder.

Why do the brakes go to the floor before beginning to respond?

you either need a new brake master cylinder or your brakes need to be bled

Brakes going to the floor?

you either need to bleed your brakes, add fluid or get a master cylinder

Do you need to replace the cylinder to keep the brakes from locking up?

Possibly, sometimes the brake cylinder develops rust and sticks. If a cylinder has problems I find it easier to replace the whole cylinder or caliper.

Replace rear brake padsrotors and calipers as well as master cylinder and pcv and bled the brakes but still the pedal goes to the floor what next?

If You Replaced the master cylinder Did you Bleed it as well? if not you need to bleed it first. then bleed the brakes start with the passenger side rear, then driver side rear, then passenger side front, then finally the driver side front.

What steps do you take to remove and replace the master clutch cylinder of a 1992 Ford Ranger?

If you need to replace the slave cylinder it is located in the bell housing and the trans has to be removed. The clutch master cylinder is located on the firewall on the drivers side

Spongy peddle after replaced master cylinder on 1996 Taurus WHY?

You need to "bleed" the brakes at each wheel. R

What causes rear brakes to lock up?

Wheel cylinder (drum brakes) or caliber (disc brakes) sticking. If you find this to be the case you need to replace both sides and replace your brake fluid which is contaminated with moisture.

What to do about 97 Chrysler Town and Country brake system not working after changing the master cylinder and bleeding the brakes?

If you didn't bench bleed the master you need to do that before you install the master.

How do you get your back brakes to bleed?

You bleed the rear brakes the same way you bleed the front brakes. If you can't get brake fluid to come out the rear bleeders you may have a faulty master cylinder or the master was allowed to empty out the reservoir that feeds the rear and now it is air bound. Removing the master cylinder and bench bleeding the master may be what you need to do and don't let the reservoir go dry!

If you replace the rear calipers and bleed the rear brakes do you need to bleed the front brakes also?

Yes-general rule for hydraulic brakes-start at the wheel furthest from the master cylinder(usually passenger rear) then move to next driver rear,front passenger side and finally drivers sidefront.

Changed front brakes rotors and calibers on 1998 ford pickup no brakes now what happen?

you will need to bleed your brakes .allways start with the brake the farthest from the master cylinder , you can either gravity bleed them by yourself by loosening the bleeder valve on each wheel for 30 minutes each or have someone pump the brakes for you . have them pump the brakes until they get a partial pedal and hold until you release the wheel bleeder .repeat process 3 or 4 times until fluid is free of air and repeat process on each wheel .if this doesnt work you might need to replace youe master cylinder

Ihave to pump clutch to get in gear any ideas 1985 ford ranger?

You need to replace the rubber seals in the master cylinder. May even have to have the master cylinder re-sleaved.

Can you replace brake reservoir on a vehicle?

Sure. Sometimes it's integral to the master cylinder. But some master cylinders have a separate brake fluid reservoir that is connected by either a fluid tube or fit into an "O" ring seal on the master cylinder. You need to find out what kind you have and what you'll need to replace it. If you can't find a replacement master cylinder reservoir any other place, you'll need to get one either from a dealer or a wrecking yard.

How do you fix the rear wheel brakes from locking up?

If the rear wheel brakes are locking up on a vehicle they should be thoroughly checked. The master cylinder may need to be replaced on the car.

Why is your dashboard brake light on after brake job?

The dashboard brake light usually indicates a differential pressure malfunction between the two sides of the master cylinder, or that the emergency brake is on. Check the emergency brake, then check the master cylinder. You may need to bleed the brakes. You may need to reset the master cylinder, although they usually reset by themselves.

Your brakes won't release even after the parking brake is off. It is a '69 bug What can be done?

Unscrew the bleeder bolt on each brake, one at a time, and see if that allows the wheel to spin freely. If it won't, the brakes are rusted/ frozen and you'll need to replace them. If the wheels can then spin it sounds like a master cylinder issue or perhaps blocked lines. Replace the lines first because it's cheaper and should be done from time to time, then the master cylinder.

Does a leaking brake cylinder mean you need brakes?

Not completely. Most places will just replace the cylinder or the rubber seal. But that's assuming that's the only problem