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Check the list posted on the related question.

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Q: How do you tell if a model 94 30-30 is a pre 64?
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What is the value of a Winchester model 94 3030 pre 64 in excellent shape?

at least $300

When was the Winchester model 94 pre-64 3030 stopped being made how much is it worth?

"pre-64" means "before 1964". Figure it out for yourself.

How can you tell if your Winchester Model 70 is pre-64?

by the barrel gauge and cereal number..

How do you tell a pre-64 from a post-64 Model 94?

Quick and easy. The first post-64 Model 94 was serial 2700000.

Value of Winchester model 70 pre 64?

Price of a Winchester model 70 pre 64 in 7mm mag

When was a Winchester 3030 Model 64 serial no 1169333 produced?

Model 64 serial number 1169333 was manufactured in March of 1938. All Model 64 Rifles & Carbines were serial numbered withing the Model 94 sequence.

How can you tell if a model 70 varmint rifle is pre or post 64 and what its value is?

Pre 64 model 70 rifles have a serial number less than 700,000. Value is determined on many factors. Condition, originality, caliber etc.

How do you tell if it is a pre 64 model 94 win?

By the serial no, go to a Winchester serial no chart which can be found on the web.

What is the value of the Winchester Model 88 284 and how can you tell the difference between pre-64 and post-64?

The last pre-64 Model 88 was serial number 148,858. A guns value depends greatly on condition...ballpark figures for the value of a Model 88 in 284 Win. in 95% condition would be about $900 for a post-64 rifle and about $2000 for the pre-64 as the 284 was only available in the pre-64 version for one year....The most noticable difference between the two would be the stock....The pre-64 stock had diamond cut checkering while the post -64 had the oak leaf impressed checkering.

What did a model 70 pre 64 varmiter sell for new?

The pre-'64 Model 70 Varmiter was made from 1956 to 1963. In 1962, it retailed for $154.50.

What serial number was the last of the pre 64 Winchester model 94s?

The last serial number for a pre-64 Winchester model 1894 rifle was 2,585,901.

How do you determine pre 64 Winchester model 94 from post 64 model 94?

By the serial number on your rifle.

What is the best model 70 rifle?

Pre- 64

What is the mechanical difference between a pre-64 Winchester model 1892 and a pre-64 Winchester model 1894?

None. You can interchange all parts.

Will a post 64 stock fit on a pre 64 model 94 Winchester?


How do you determine pre 64 Winchester model 94 from post 64 model 94 Winchester?

The serial number. If the serial is less than 2,700,000, it is a pre-1964 gun.

How do you tell if it's a pre-1964?

the model number and serial number will give you the information,then ask your question here and you should be able to determine if your Winchester is a pre-64.

What is date of manufacture of Winchester rifle Model 70 serial number 226128?

its pre 64...anything under 700,000 is pre 64

Is your winchester rifle pre 64?

I would be able to tell you the answer to your question if you would supply me with a model number and a serial number to the gun in question.

How do you determine pre 64 Winchester model 70 from post 64 model 70 Winchester 243 calib?

Post-64 Model 70's started at serial number 700,000.

Will a lever link from a post 64 model 94 Winchester fit a pre 64 model 94?

Possilby, but, may need to be fitted.

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Winchester model 64 in 3030?

Check the "Related links" for Armscollector dot com posted below.

How do you determine pre 64 Winchester model 70 from post 64 model 70 Winchester 264 calib?

The easiest method is by the serial number... if it is less than 700,000, it is a pre-1964. Bert H.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 70 270 Winchester serial number 803267?

I don't have the Fjestad book with me, but I can tell you that it's after 1964, probably in the 1968-1969. Definitely not a pre 64 model.

When did Winchester stop making the 38-55 and the 32-40 caliber model 1894 pre-64 rifles?

All Pre-64 Winchesters were manufactured before 1964. That's what pre-64 means.