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How do you tell if a shy guy likes you?



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I guess it's the little things he does, like if you catch him starring at you or paying more attention to you than anyone else.

Does he laugh at your jokes? Even the not so funny ones? Does he smile at you a lot? Try to talk to you a lot? Is he always around you when he can be? Does he always say yes when you ask him to do something? Does he ever blush when he is around you, or talking to you? These are all real blunt signs that he likes you.


There are a few signs that a shy guy likes you, If he shows more than half of these signs he mot probably likes you.

- He stares at you all the time. When you catch him he will look away real fast.

- He will try to always be in your area.

- He will do anything you ask of him

- He will always back you up

- He will always try to make you laugh, Even if this involves hurting himself or making himself look stupid in front of his friends

- He will ask for your MSN or Phone Number

- If he has your MSN, the moment you log on he will say hi. ( most guys )

- If he has your phone Number he will rarely text or ring.

- When talking he will look all around your face

- They will NEVER look at you breasts, ( If they like YOU not your body ) as a sign of respect

- They will always flirt back when you flirt with them

- They will always be happy to see you

- They will be happy when talking to you

- They will ask you out. ( If they are not shy ).

- They will always laugh at your jokes ( even the unfunny ones )

- He will blush when you give him a compliment

- He will give you compliments

- If you ask him does he like you he will blush and 50/50 he will say no.

- When someone says you like him while he is in the area he will blush ( same when someone says the same about him likeing you. )

Before saying yes to going out with them always find out weather they actually like YOU, some will only like you for your body or to make themselves look good in front of there friends. Sorry if i was no help.