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How do you tell if an outgoing boy likes you?


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I am shy girl and I am friends with an outgoing boy. I keep receiving signals that he likes me, but he doesn't do anything with them. We've talked about his past relationships, and from that information, I assumed that IF he liked me he would be letting me know. Is it normal for an outgoing boy to treat a shy girl differently?


I am in your situation, too. It can be positively infuriating, can't it? Really, the only thing that you can do is wait and see if he asks you out. Or, if you are feeling particularly brave, you can ask him if he likes you. As to your final question, no, i do not think that outgoing boys treat shy girls any differently than other girls, as long as you try your best to be friendly and easy to talk to.

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How can you tell when a boy likes you the most when he likes other girls to?

you know if a girl likes you if she tries to impress you, make you laugh, or try to talk to you a lot. i know this cuz im a girl. i have a boy in my class that i like

If she stares at you and talks with her friends while lookin at you

Sometimes, it's not about what a boy says to you that can tell you whether or not he likes you. Actually, it's how he acts around you that can give you hints. Just in case it helps, here are 5 things an outgoing boy might do if he likes you and 5 things a shy boy boy might do if he likes you: 1. He constantly tries to make conversation 2. He makes every excuse to talk to you, even if it's just about what class you have next 3. He hangs around you a lot 4. He seems disappointed when you won't be at school for a while 5. He seems interested in things you do 1. He seems shy and nervous around you 2. He looks at you a lot 3. Unlike the outgoing boy, he might not be as eager to make conversation. However, if you are talking about something to a friend he might try to join in. 4. He tries to avoid you 5. Again, he is not as eager as the outgoing boy, so it will be harder to tell that he likes you. The outgoing boy is far more obvious.

how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

its harder for a boy to tell if a girl likes him

You can tell if a boy likes you if he picks on you and calls you names. Guys tend to hide their feelings and emotions out of fear of rejection.

Same way you'll tell if a boy likes a girl. It may be subtle, even undetectable. But if it is visible, the lover will hang out more with the other girl, and generally prefer privacy with her. Also, gifts or compliments are not uncommon. But it depends on the girl and how outgoing/shy she is.

You can tell that a boy likes you if he looks at you a lot or he will send you a note sating that he likes you

Walk up to the boy and tell him or slip himm a note.

Tell the boy to have a private convo with you and ask him if he likes anybody just randomly and if he says none try and beg him to tell you

If he looks at you straight in the eye and doesnt look away you can tell he likes you.

There is many ways, for each boy, it is different.

You can tell if the boy in your karate class likes you if he shows some interest in you.

Tell his girlfriend or tell him to dump her for you

You can't tell if a boy likes you if he doesn't show it. You might have to ask him. Or, you could ask your friend to ask his friend if he likes you - that sometimes works.

Well tell that boy that you like him and ask the girl that he likes if she likes him, if she says no than he is all yours!

If they make you laugh or they tell you.

you could tell that a boy likes you when he makes you laugh being rude or just starring at you all the time!

you tell someone who he likes and then you tell them that he was talkin about her

the only sure way is to ask him if he likes you

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