How do you tell if he is still cheating and calling the woman?

Is he still spending time away from home that he really can't explain? Does he have lame excuses when you call and he never answers his phone? Does he hide his phone from you at all times? Does he leave the room when he makes or receives a phone call?

If he does any of these things, he may still be cheating, but none of these things is a "sure sign".

If you caught your husband/boyfriend cheating and he vowed to never let it happen again with the same woman or with others, he needs to understand why you are still suspicious. You need to have an open and honest talk with your man about the situation. You need to tell him what it is he must do in order to regain your trust.

If he is truly sorry, he will realize that he violated a trust and that trust is so hard to re-gain. He will do anything he can to show you that he is and will be faithful from now on. That includes allowing you to check his phone and email. Don't do it on the sly...when it rings and he goes to leave the room, ask him to show you who is calling. Ask him to let you see his texts and email. Of course, you can offer him the same privileges of checking YOUR phone and email. This way, he can't turn the situation around to you.

But, again, some men are sly. They know how to delete texts, call logs, and messages. They also know how to delete email.

In other words, there is no way to be absolutely certain that your husband/boyfriend is no longer cheating or even calling the other woman. You need to decide if you are ready and willing to forgive him and trust him, or if there is no chance of ever trusting him again. Please suggest couples' counseling. It will help you both come to terms with what has happened. He will see how hurtful his actions were and you will possibly learn how to overcome that hurt.

Best of luck to you in all this. It's a trying time and I hope it works out.