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How do you tell if someone plays guitar?

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ask them or look for calluses on the fingertips

most Guitarists have lots of veins up there arms

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What do you call someone who plays the guitar?

A guitarist.

What do you call someone who plays guitar?

a guitarist

Who plays better Guitar Hero a Guitar player or not a guitar player?

If by saying "not a guitar player" you mean someone who plays with a controller, then I would say generally people who play with the guitars are a lot better.

How can you tell a bass from a guitar?

a normal guitar has 6 strings a bass guitar has 4 or 5 strings and plays much deeper

Who plays guitar for Guitar Hero?

are you meaning who plays the guitar for the tracks in the background

Who plays guitar for Nickelback?

Chad Kroeger plays lead guitar, and Ryan Peake plays rhythm guitar.

What do you call someone who plays the guitar in the beatles?

Call them anything you like, they won't answer back!

Who plays the guitar in Avenged Sevenfold?

Zacky Vengeance plays rhythm guitar and Synyster Gates plays lead guitar.

What guitar did gavin rossdale play in the swallowed music video?

He plays a fender Jazz Master, with humbucker pickups. Not sure about which year. You can tell by the amount of switches on the body and how they are positioned. It looks like the 'same' guitar he plays in the glycerine video, but its not. The guitar he plays in that video is a Fender Jaguar.

What do you call someone who plays a bass guitar?

A bass Guitarist I would venture to guess that a person who plays the bass guitar is called a "bassist". Calling a person who plays a bass guitar a "guitarist" would also be acceptable. Bass player Bassist Bass guitarist Guitarist is misleading

Who plays the guitar in ABBA?

Bjorn Ulvaeus plays the guitar in ABBA.

Who plays what instrument in the Jackson 5?

Jermaine plays the bass guitar and Tito plays the guitar.

Who plays the guitar in the band ABBA?

Bjorn Ulvaeus plays the guitar in ABBA.

How is a bass guitar different than a regular guitar?

The notes a bass guitar plays are lower than a regular guitar. A bass guitar also usually plays the harmony or the beat in a song played by a band, while the regular guitar plays the melody.

Could someone snooping outside tell the difference between a sound wave for a bass guitar or violin?

You mean could they tell if someone was playing bass or violin? Yes.

Who is the guitarist of muse?

Matthew Bellamy plays guitar, althought Christopher Wolstenholme plays both guitar and bass guitar.

Which one of the twins from The Veronicas plays the guitar?

Jessica Origliasso plays the guitar from The Veronicas!

Everything about Taylor york of Paramore?

go to related links underneath and it doesn't tell you, but he plays rhythm guitar

What instruments do the members of Arcade Fire play?

Each member plays multiple instruments. Regine Chassagne plays piano, organ, drums, accordion, and hurdy gurdy. Win Butler plays guitar, bass guitar, and piano. Richard Reed Parry plays guitar, piano, accordion, and drums. Tim Kingsbury plays guitar, bass guitar, and piano. Will Butler plays piano, guitar, bass guitar, synth, and percussions. Jeremy Gara plays drums, guitar, and piano. And Sarah Neufeld plays violin, viola, and piano. They're all very talented people :)

Is Bob Dylan left handed?

No, Bob Dylan is right handed. You can tell by the way he plays guitar.

Who plays the Bass guitar?

The Bass Guitar Player.

What is a guitar meister?

Peter Meister that plays the guitar.

Who plays the guiter?

Guitar players play the guitar.

What instruments do the veronicas play?

Jess plays guitar Lisa plays guitar, keyboard and synth

When was Mingus Plays Electric Guitar created?

Mingus Plays Electric Guitar was created in 2003.