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How do you tell if you are depressed?


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Wen I just feel like crying and screaming and hitting people


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No they will tell you what to do in order to become happy, or what medicine to take. Many people are depressed and you are not an odd one out.

why would you think your husband is depressed? give me the synthoms and i will do me best to tell you what i think

if you are emo you are highly depressed.

There are many things one could tell their friends if their friends tell them they are depressed. The best thing to do in this case would be to comfort one's friend and listen to them.

I don t know of any quiz but I can tell you when you are really depressed you don t care about anything and you feel only one emotion: sorrow

The dog that is alive will get depressed because the dogshad a bond together! tell me what to do

cause of thomas and ill tell you at school.

it stop smiling and stop eating their carrots!

Doctor, I'm depressed and would like to do something about it. If he or she doesn't take it seriously, go to another one.

He will not move or play on his wheel or eat anything and eventually he will die.

They tell you that because they care about you and just want you to be happy. They are probably very upset that you are depressed, so try and put it from their point of view. They just want you to be happy and live your life happily!

Tell them that you have a lot on your mind and you are depressed..tell them that you cant focus and you need help you with your homework. Haha

It doesn't move or react much (and starts writing bad poetry).

It is not as active as usually, and it really only lays down and eats.

You tell them to get over themselves. Then slap them in he face.

Tell an adult if you are depressed first and tell them why, try to mention that you cut during this confersation... they might ask what you cut with and where so tell them that you cut during a conversation at a random time.

Someone should not tell someone that they have no reason to be depressed if that person is truly suffering from depression. Depression is a debilitating mental illness and often has no apparent cause. People who are depressed often don't have a reason and wouldn't be able to pinpoint one when asked either. Statements like these from a loved one could potentially worsen the depression.

By holding your arms out or looking sad/depressed/or down =(

That doesnt make sense you probably either are depressed or really want attention.... tell some one about it and talk to you parent s about antidepressants even if you arent depressed and or are really stressed it will SERIOUSLY help big time.

well, if they are missing their legs, hide knives under their pillows, go for runs at 5 in the morning, and they appear as a child that has just got their lolly pop stolen, they are probrably depressed

"Depressed" is a predicate adjective. It follows the linking verb "seems".

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