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There is no way to tell that your pregnant by your symptoms alone. The only way to confirm a pregnancy is by taking an at home pregnancy test and seeing your doctor. The symptoms I have experienced with both of my pregnancies have been nausea and vomiting, very sore breasts, cramping like I was going to start my period, heartburn and gas. Hope I helped a bit. --- Yes,the only way to know for SURE is to take a test. Otherwise it is all about guessing. All PMS are the same as pregnancy symptoms it is impossible to say. However, if you have nausea, and feeling poorly, tired ,heartburn these are all indicators that you may be pregnant. I had the same signs with my pregnancy as the person above so yes, if you experience more symptoms than you would otherwise before expecting your monthly period you may can be pregnant.

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Q: How do you tell if you are pregnant and what side effects do you have like eating too much or your stomach hurting or feeling sick a lot?
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When can you tell that your pregnant?

You can tell when your pregnant by getting a feeling in your stomach.

My belly feel itchy and i have tingly feeling in my stomach does it mean I'm pregnant?

my belly feels itchy i have a tingling feeling in my stomach does this mean i am pregnant?

Your stomach and breasts hurt what does that mean?

you are either pregnant or you are just hurting

How do you tell when your first period is coming?

You may start feeling moody and stomach will be hurting.

Is it possible to tell if you are pregnant by feeling your stomach?

It is not possible

What is this popping feeling in your stomach Could you be pregnant?

Or it could be gas.

I cant sleep on my stomach any more with out it hurting and i wake up feeling nausious and it carrys on through out the day it been like this for 3 weeks now and i know im not pregnant?

Visit your doctor

If you have the feeling of gas in stomach are you pregnant?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are the normal symptoms of pregnancy. A feeling of gas in the stomach is a normal human sensation.

Is it bad if your stomach starts hurting when your two months pregnant?

See your doctor; there are several reasons for the pain.

What does it feel like to be three months pregnant?

You can have a tight feeling in your lower stomach...

If you have light spotting and little bit of cramps and your stomach is hurting and you are feeling hungry could you be pregnant?

It very well could be. But spotting and cramping don't sound right. I think you should try a home pregnancy test.

What helps an upset stomach?

Coke is known to help a stomach ache because of the fiz in it. the fiz makes the hurting go down and numbs it without u feeling it.

If your upper stomach is hurting could that mean your pregnant?

no it could something else

For the past week you have been feeling tightness and soreness in your stomach?

It Is possibele Iam pregnant

What causes stomach fluttering spasms?

gas or you could be pregnant and feeling the baby kicking.

Where should your stomach hurt if your pregnant?

i been feeling a kick in my stomach snd i been feeling sick but i seen my period every month and every time i eat it make me sick

You have never been pregnant but the top of your stomach is sticking out and you keep feeling flutters can you be pregnant?

Highly unlikely! Flutters would be coming from your lower stomach and your lower stomach would be sticking out, go to your gp to sort the problem.

Had unprotected sex well your stomach is hurting at the bottom and you feel sick when you eat and this was also your first time what does this means?

You are pregnant!

What if youre stomach is hurting around the navel area?

if your stomach is hurting around the navel area, this could mean different things. The most common causes may include medication effects, hernia, ulcers, pregnancy and so much more.

How does laughing help grow abs?

yes because every time you laugh you tighten your stomach muscles and little by little it will grow muscle (that feeling when your laughing and your stomach starts hurting)

What makes your stomach stop hurting?

the thing that makes your stomach stop hurting if you drink lots and lots of water

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling sick to your stomach and light headed and you have been having stomach cramps?

Yes you could be pregnant or you could have a tummy bug. Do a pregnancy test when your period is late.

Is feeling weirdness in your stomach after intercourse a sign of pregnancy or are you just not feeling well?

My stomach did feel different the week after intercourse. It felt like a lot of pressure in my stomach making me have to urinate more frequently. I am almost 2 months pregnant now!!

Could you be pregnant if your period lasted only two days and your feeling really sick to your stomach?


What can the problem be if you have abdominal pain a bloated stomach and have been feeling nauseous for the last couple of days?

you are pregnant

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