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ABS came as standard equipment on the 95. It has ABS.

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Q: How do you tell if your 95 Mercury Mystique has abs?
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Is a 95 Mercury Mystique 2.0L a contact motor?

No , the 2.0 liter is not an interference engine in the 1995 Mercury Mystique

How do you get a wiring schematic for a 95 mercury mystique?

you can get free on line at

Where is and how do you change a speed sensor on a mercury mystique mfg June 5 1995?

We just changed one on a 1995 Mercury Mystique 4/95. It was located on the transmittion. They tell us there are 2 for this model, other one is supposed to be located in Instrument panel but we couldn't find it.

Where is the starter relay on a 95 mercury mystique?

Follow the + battery cable should connect to relay

Does the 95 mercury mystique come standard with airbags?

Yes,it had dual front airbags as standard on all trim levels.

What size wrench do you use the replace egr vale from pipe on a 95 mercury mystique v6?

inch wide adjustable wrench

Head bolt torque 97 mercury mystique spree 2.0?

you need to get them down at 95 ft pounds every other

Where is the oxygen sensor on a '95 Mercury mystique?

Mercury Mystique with V6 engine has two oxygen sensors. First one located between radiator and engine, second - behind the engine, near the coil pack (below). It's not very difficult to replace them.

How do you tell if a 95 Geo Metro has abs?

The quick way to check is when you turn the key to the on position, you will see abs as one of the check lights.

What would cause a 95 mercury mystique strut to clang and pop after an alternator replacement?

nothing unless the mechanics took your car off roading

Where is the fuel pump shut off switch located on a 95 Mercury Mystique?

behind the lefthand kick plate (by the drivers door near the pedals)

How do you reset abs light on a 95 s-10 blazer after crash?

The ABS light on a 95 S10 Blazer has to be reset by a mechanic or the dealer. Unplugging the battery on the vehicle will not reset the ABS light.

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