How do you tell if your Chevy Corsica is a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder?

Count your spark plug wires Drive Over To a Parts House, They Can Look At Your Engine and Tell You If It Is A 4 Or 6 Cylinder. Also You Can Look Up The Make, Year, Model Of The Car On Kelly Blue Book. They Will Give Information Of The Stock Engine That Is In The Car. Also When Getting The Thermostat It Should Not Make Any Difference If It Is A 4 Or 6 Cylinder. They Both Should Be The Same. When You Ask For The Thermostat They May Ask How Many Cylinders Or Size Of Engine, Ask If The Thermastats Are The Same. And Don`t Worry About Knowing a Bunch Or Little About A Car. Heck These Parts People Don`t Seem To Know Anything. They Look At The Computer And Have To Ask That. Why Can`t They See If It Makes No Difference. I`m Sure Few Of Us Know Much Of Of Your Vocation. Best To You