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ACTUALLY, some cats are shy and still love you, some run away from you and love you, so the last answer, was, WRONG! Like kittens sometimes run away from you, their scared when they're babies, WE would be scared too!

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How can you tell if you cat loves you?

The basic test is, does the cat seek out your company, or does it avoid you.

How can a cat be special?

If the cat is well looked after and it loves you back. <3 It is all a circle of love <3

If you are in love with a guy how do u know that he loves you?

If you are in love with a guy, the way to tell if he loves you back is how he treats you and the things he says. If he makes you feel important and cares for you then he probably loves you back.

What is the duration of When a Dog Loves a Cat?

The duration of When a Dog Loves a Cat is 2700.0 seconds.

How can you tell if your cat is in heat?

When your cat is in heat she keeps bouncing her back paws like she's walking only with her back paws.

When did When a Dog Loves a Cat end?

When a Dog Loves a Cat ended on 2008-08-15.

When was When a Dog Loves a Cat created?

When a Dog Loves a Cat was created on 2008-07-21.

Does shun love Alice in bakugan?

yes,he loves Alice. But, he scary to tell Alice that he loves her because, he is afraid that she does not love her back.

How do you now your boyfriend loves you?

plz tell me how can you tell if he loves you?

Do Blaze the cat loves Knuckles?

no because she loves silver

How can you help guy to tell you that he loves you?

Say you love him then he should say it back.oxox

Who loves blaze the cat?


Which domestic cat loves the water?

A breed of cat that loves the water is the Turkish Angora. These cats love to swim.

How do you make your crush who loves you tell you that he loves you?

if its a guy then he is afraid of rejection so i say you should say it first then he'll say it back

Why does your cat sleep on you?

your cat sleeps on because your cat is comfy. your cat loves being comfy.

When a man doesn't tell you he loves you?

When a man don't tell you he loves, just leave he might tell you he 'loves' you when you leave but that's it.

How can you tell when a cat is mean?

you can tell because their tail is either twitching or lashing back and forth. if you see a cat do this don't get too close. you could lose a finger.

How can you get your boyfriend to tell you he loves you?

Tell him many cute things about him. He will enjoy that and tell you he loves you have sex with him

How can you tell when cats are happy?

You can tell when a or (your) cat is happy when they lean on your legs and some people think the cat is triping you, but the cat really likes you and they pur alot when they angrey they tail moves a lot it goes back and for

How should I react when you tell a girl you love her and she loves you back?

it should be the happiest day of your life.

How can you tell your ex still loves you and wants you back?

He will stare at you when you walk past him, and he will try flirting with you.

What if you love somebody but you are not sure if she is a lesbian or loves you back?

Tell the person how you feel. There is nothing to loose.

Do golden doodles like cats?

Yes My golden doodle loves are cat and my grandmas golden doodle loves there cat they are so upsest with the dang cat they are funny

How do you tell if your cat loves you?

It shouldn't always bite you... / (new answer) i have four cats that live outside and the way i can tell they love me is when i feed them and they rub up against me and want me to pet them. (well that's how i can tell)

How can anyone tell that their dad loves them?

well, he will tell you he loves you and wont avoid you

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