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How do you tell if your crush likes you?

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If he stares at you and only looks away when you catch him it is the biggest give away that he likes you. If his friends are acting different around you it is also a sign. Does he call you for no reason? If he does then he is totally into and only does it so he can hear your voice. Has he ever teased you? if he has then take it as a compliment because it means he is head over heels for you. If your crush pays you quite alot of attention it means that he is in to you. If he barely notices you I'm sorry to say you haven't a chance :( sorry. But if he does all those things then he is either thinking about asking you out or waiting for you to do it.

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What if your chrushes sister tell your sister that your crush likes you?

go to my crush and have sex

What does it mean when someone says your crush likes you but your crush says that they like you as a friend?

believe the crush and when you. do tell your crush you like him or her

What if your friends keep on telling you that your crush likes but you don't think he does?

Ask him if he likes u, and if he denies it tell him u have a crush on him and see if he says he likes u.

How can you tell if your crush is into you?

if he smiles at you and then once you look at him he looks away it meens he likes you. you can also tell your crush you like him by doing that to him.

How can you tell if your crush likes you if they go to a different school?

ask them

How can you tell if your guy crush likes you?

He looks at you, touches you, or talks to you or about you.

When should you tell your crush you like him?

depends on if you know he likes you or not

How do you tell if your crush likes you for seventh graders?

see how they treat you.

How do you get the boy you likes best friends to tell you if your crush likes you and you and your crush are only in 7th grade?

Just ask him, i asked my best guy friend if the guy i have a crush on likes me or who does he just ask him and tell him not to tell anyone and if he does, oh well ur prolly not gunna see him when u go to college, and get married. SO JUST ASK HIM-----I DID-----

My best friend's crush likes me what do I do?

Tell him i don't think this is right, tell the truth.

How you tell your crush you like them?

Ask your friend to tell your crush that she heard a rumor that you like your crush. If your too shy to make your friend do this, ask your friend to say to your crush that she heard a rumor that your crush likes you. Then see what he/she says.

How do you tell if a quiet girl likes me?

they steir at you or just have a secret crush on you.

How do you survive middle school a crush with a girl who likes you?

tell her your feelings

How does a girl tell her crush that she likes him?

he keeps staring at you that's how you know:P

Your crush told one of your best friends who he likes but she wont tell you?

Chances are this person likes you. But they are embarrassed!

What if he just told you that he likes you nd you have had a crush on him for a long time should you keep saying it to him?

if you have a crush on him tell him grrl!

How can you tell if your crush likes you or not?

He/she wouldve already hinted that they liked you. Do they look at you Alot? Do they talk to you or try to impress you ? Those are hints you should take if you think your crush likes you.

Is it bad to kiss your crush?

No. If you kiss your crush, and if he/she likes it, then you can become boyfriend/girlfriend. It is a good way to tell your crush you like him/her if he/she doesn't already know.

How can you tell if your crush likes someone else?

get with another lad to try and make your crush jealous if it doesn't work then he likes someone else or get a friend to ask him if he likes someone and if he does tell your friend to ask him who he likes. if he doesn't like you then move on you can find somebody better then him, somebody that actually loves you.

How can I get my crush's friends to tell me my crush likes me?

Forget about your crush's friend - ask your crush yourself if he/she does!

How can you tell if your friend likes your crush?

Usually you can just tell. If not, then ask them. They are your friend after all and they should trust you with their secrets.

Should you wait for your crush to tell you he likes you or should you tell him?

no just let him tell u because it avoids the awkard moment

What should you do if a girl likes her best friends crush and the crush likes her but not her best friend?

BE HONEST. It sucks,( for your friend) and it awkward for you but in the end it's better to tell your best friend. Maybe the crush has a friend for your besty

You ask your crush who he likes and he knows you like him but he wont want to say who he likes what does that mean?

He is shy; or He does not want to tell you that he likes someone else because he does not want to hurt your feelings; or He does not want to tell you that he likes you; or He does not think it is any of your business

How can you know if your crush likes you?

The crush will be flirtatious, maybe embarrassed around you, nice etc... He may tell some of his friends which will eventually get around to you. Maybe you could tell some of your friends to tell the crushes friend's that you are crushing. If the crush flirts, flirt back.